考研 (64,719)

  • A.She is about to move to New York.

    B.She is going to meet him online.

    C.She is expecting to hear from him soon.

    D.She won"t maintain contact with him.


  • A.Opening an account.

    B.Using the ATM.

    C.Running a video player.

    D.Making a purchase.


  • The sales department has to have an______knowledge of what customers want and how much they want to pay.






  • What is the argument given by the critics of the ban?

    A.It is not fair to ban just sugared drinks.

    B.Sodas are not the cause of the problem.

    C.The government has misjudged the market.

    D.The ban may make the problem even worse.


  • In Paragraph 5, the point that the author is trying to make is that______.

    A.the more you spend on health, the healthier you will be

    B.money is of great importance after your retirement

    C.poverty sometimes induces suicide among elders

    D.no one can be happy and healthy without wealth


  • In the last paragraph, "one-way street" probably means______.

    A.financial health leads to physical health

    B.physical health leads to financial health

    C.financial health equals physical health

    D.financial health repels physical health


  • The author is very likely to argue in the last paragraph that______.

    A.financial health and physical health are mutually dependent

    B.neither wealth nor health makes any difference to happiness

    C.physical health depends on nothing but financial health

    D.taking care of your wealth will not lead to better health


  • Academic publishers try to yield higher profits by the following means EXCEPT______.

    A.having students buy new editions

    B.publishing a textbook series

    C.discouraging the use of used textbooks

    D.bullying small new publishers of textbooks


  • You thought the rising cost of college tuition was bad? Then check out the rising cost of college textbooks. The American Enterprise Institutes Mark Perry has put together a detailed chart showing the notorious, 812 percent rise in the cost of course materials since 1978, as captured in the Bureau of Labor Statistics consumer price index data. The price of all those Introduction to Sociology and Calculus books have shot up faster than health-care, home prices, and, of course, inflation. Academic publishers will tell you that creating modern textbooks is an expensive, labor-intensive process that demands charging high prices. But as Kevin Carey noted in a recent article, the industry also shares some of the dysfunctions that help drive up the cost of healthcare spending. Just as doctors prescribe prescription drugs they will never have to pay for, college professors often assign titles with little consideration of cost. Students, like patients worried about their health, dont have much choice to pay up, lest they risk their grades. Meanwhile, Carey illustrates how publishers have done just about everything within their power to step up their profits, from bundling textbooks with software that forces students to buy new editions instead of cheaper used copies, to suing a low-cost textbook start-ups over ill-conceived and inadequate copyright claims. And that has consequences for students. According to the National Association of College Stores(NACS), the average college student reports paying about $655 for textbooks and supplies annually, down a bit from $702 four years ago. The NACS credits that fall to its efforts to promote used books along with programs that let students rent rather than buy their texts. But to put that $655 in perspective, consider this: after aid, the average college student spends about $2,900 on their annual tuition, according to the College Board. Were not talking about just another drop in the bucket here. AEIs Perry writes that hes confident open educational resources, made available via the web, will eventually make traditional textbooks obsolete, just as Wikipedia killed off the encyclopedia. The difference is that nobody I know ever had a college professor who said, "If you dont read the encyclopedia, youll likely fail this class." If we ever want to bring the cost of these books under control, the faculty need to become responsive to the problem.

    The first paragraph is mainly concerned with______.

    A.the rising cost of college tuition

    B.a detailed chart of price indexes

    C.the exceedingly high rate of inflation

    D.the soaring price of college textbooks


  • Michelle Dockery, the actress who plays Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey, says manners have disappeared in modern Britain. "Those old manners," she says, "such as men standing when women arrive at the dinner table or opening doors for you—are lovely, and its lovely when you see a man doing that. But young men wouldnt think about that for a second because its not the culture anymore." She puts it down to the rise of sexual equality, which I suppose might play a small part in the collapse of manners. But the loss of noble qualities is a minor element in a much bigger story. Over the last 50 years, the British have changed from one of the politest nations to one of the rudest. Luckily for us, the old-fashioned image persists abroad of us as a bowler-hat-wearing race, obsessed with tea and cricket. Those misconceptions are swiftly cured by a visit to one of the pedestrianised fighting areas in any provincial town centre on a Saturday evening at the closing time of a pub. Of course, the image was always a slight myth. The British have always drunk heavily, and sworn even more. But they used to have a double persona—the heavy drinking, swearing one, which would be replaced by the polite persona immediately when good manners were required. That idea of public shame has disappeared, and is now even condemned as pretentious. Self-righteousness has taken its place—its OK to play a DVD at top volume in a train carriage/wear a luminous green vest at a funeral, because the offender thinks its OK. The only driving factor in these decisions is desire for your own pleasure rather than the desire to minimize the pain of others. This selfish behavior. is much more natural than the selflessness implied in manners. If we were brought up in the wild, wed all behave like this. Manners are taught. And thats the big reason why theyve collapsed over here—and— survived much better in other countries. Theyre not taught much here anymore by parents, on television or by public figures. In his latest book on litter, Theodore Dalrymple explains why the British litter these days—because they havent been socialized properly. Dr. Dalrymple and most of his generation—dont litter, he writes, because their mothers told them not to. Its the same with the modern collapse of manners.

    Unlike Michelle Dockery, the author believes that the collapse of manners in Britain______.

    A.is due to the improved social status of women

    B.has nothing to do with noble qualities

    C.has more significant causes than Dockery suggests

    D.has never happened in daily life and work