在职申硕英语 (3,130)


  • In modem society people are faced with fierce competition, and the pressure has become greater then ever before... (具有挑战性的工作职位: demanding position; 动机: motivation:挑战: challenge; 重要性: significance; 潜能: potential)

  • Parents can no more be friends to their children than teachers can be to their students. For the essence of friendship is reciprocity(互惠): giving and getting something like 【C1】______ you give. Parents 【C2】______ to the proper development of their children, and teachers guide the shaping of their students' minds.

    It should be 【C3】______ now why real friendship requires more than merely having"【C4】______ in common." It is what people have in common 【C5】______ determines the kind of friendship they will have. Real friendship requires at least a sound moral character out of the richness of which individuals are able to 【C6】______ this precious affection. The more individuals give, the more they realize a genuine kind of 【C7】______, the better friends they are. A good man will not only do for his friend what he would do for 【C8】______ but also, if necessary, do 【C9】______.

    These prerequisites are hard to fulfill, true friendship is 【C10】______ to be rare. To acquire a real friend, 【C11】______,is one of the most praiseworthy accomplishments in 【C12】______. Montaigne tells a story of Cyrus, the 【C13】______of Persia. He was asked whether he would change a valuable horse, on 【C14】______ he had just won a race, for a kingdom. Cyrus replied, "No, surely, sir, but I would give him up with all my heart to gain a true friend, could I find out any man【C15】______ of that alliance."

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  • Directions: In this part, there is a passage of about 500 words. You are allowed 30 minutes to write a summary of no less than 120 words of the following passage after reading it. Please remember to write it on the COMPOSITION SHEET.

    Education in Britain and the U.S.A

    In Britain all children have to go to school between the ages of 5 and 16. In the US children must go to school from the age of 6 to between the ages of 14 and 16, depending on the state they live in.


    In England and Wales the subjects taught in schools are laid down by the National Curriculum, which was introduced in 1988 and sets out in detail the subjects that children should study and the levels of achievement they should reach by the ages of 7,11,14 and 16,when they are tested. The National Curriculum does not apply in Scotland, where each school decides what subjects it will teach.

    In the US the subjects taught are decided by the national and local governments. Whereas British schools usually have prayers and religious instruction ,American schools are not allowed to include prayers or to teach particular religious beliefs.


    At 16 students in England and Wales take GCSE examinations. These examinations are taken by students of all levels of ability in any of a range of subjects and may involve a final examination ,an assessment of work done during the two-year course, or both of these things. At 18 some students taking A-level examinations, usually in not more than 3 subjects. It is necessary to have A-levels in order to go to a university or polytechnic.

    In Scotland students take the SCE examinations. A year later, they can take examinations called HIGHERS, after which they can either go straight to a university or spend a further year at school and take the Certificate of Sixth Year Studies. In Scotland the university system is different to that in England and Wales. Courses usually last four years rather than three and students study a larger number of subjects as part of their degree.

    In the US school examinations are not as important as they are in Britain. Students in High Schools do have exams at the end of their last two years, but these final exams are considered along with the work that the students have done during the school years.

    Social events and ceremonies

    In American high schools there is a formal ceremony for Graduation. Students wear a special cap and gown and receive a diploma from the head of the school. Students often buy a class ring to wear, and a yearbook, containing pictures of their friends and teachers. There are also special social events at American schools. Sports events are popular, and cheer leaders lead the school in supporting the school team and singing the school song. At the end of their junior year, at age 17 or 18,students hold parties in the evening. The girls wear long evening dresses and the boys wear tuxedos(晚礼服).

    In Britain, there are no formal dances or social occasions associated with school life. Some schools have SPEECH DAY at the end of the school year when prizes are given to the best students and speeches are made by the head teacher and sometimes an invited guest. However, in many British schools students and teachers organize informal dances for the older students.

  • Directions: In this section, you are required to write a composition entitled "Suitability Means a Good Job (适合的工作才是好工作) ". You should write more than 150 words neatly on ANSWER

  • In this part you are to write a composition of no less than 150 words about Who and How to Take Care of the Seniors? You should write according co the clue given below. Remember co write the composition on rise COMPOSITION SHEET.

    China's aging population is increasing. We are faced with the problem of who and how to take care of the seniors.

    WORD REFERENCE: 敬老院: Home for the Seniors; 独生子女政策: one-child policy; 独生子女: only child

  • What do you think about the story?

    2.What do you learn from it?





  • For this part, you are to write a composition of 120-150 words on the following topic:

    The Greatest Invention in the Past Century

    In your composition, you should clearly state your opinion and give reasons to support your argument. Write your composition on the ANSWER SHEET.

  • Not too long ago, a guest checking out of our Polynesian Village resort at Walt Disney World was asked how she enjoyed her visit. She 【C1】______ the front-desk clerk she had had a wonderful vacation, but was heartbroken about losing several rolls of Kodacolor film she had not yet 【C2】______ She was particularly upset over the loss of the 【C3】______ she had shot at our Polynesian Luau, as this was a memory she especially treasured.

    Now, please 【C4】______ that we have no written service standards covering lost luau snapshots. 【C5】______ ,the hostess at the front desk understood Disney's philosophy of caring for our guests. She asked the 【C6】______ to leave her a couple of rolls of fresh 【C7】______ ,promising she would take care of the 【C8】______ .

    Two weeks 【C9】______ , this guest received a package at her home. In 【C10】______ were photos of the entire cast of our luau show, personally autographed by each performer. There were also 【C11】______ of the parade and fireworks in the theme park, 【C12】______ by the front-desk 【C13】______ on her own time,after work. I happen to 【C14】______ this story because this guest wrote us a letter. She said that never in her life had she received such compassionate 【C15】______ from any business establishment. Heroic service does not come from policy manuals. It comes from people who care—and from a culture that encourages and models that attitude.

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  • In this part, you are to write within 30 minutes a composition of no less than 150 words under the title of "My Opinion About Blog". Your composition should be based on the clues given below. Please remember to write it clearly on the COMPOSITION SHEET.

    Blog is an on-line diary that one keeps on his frequently updated personal web page. Blog often reflects the personality and experiences of the author.

    1. Introductory remarks.

    2. My opinion about blog:

    For or against, and reasons, OR

    What I think blog can do.

    3. Conclusion.

  • For this part, you are to write a composition of 120 to 150 words on Which is More Important, Wealth or Health? In your composition, you should clearly state your opinion and give reasons to support your arguments. Write your composition on the ANSWER SHEET.