Speaker A:Doctor Smith is engaged on Wednesday.W...

Speaker A:Doctor Smith is engaged on Wednesday.Would you like to come on Thursday? Speaker B:

A.Thursday would be fine.

B.See you then.

C.Thank you very much.Goodbye.

D.It’s very kind of you.



  • Speaker A: The box looks very heavy. Would you like me to carry it for you? Speaker B: ______

    A.No, no. Thank you. The box is not very heavy and I can carry it myself.

    B.Thank you for your help. This box is really very heavy.

    C.Thank you, thank you. I"m glad that you can help me.

    D.Oh, no. I can manage. Thanks anyway.


  • Speaker A: I have two tickets for the concert tonight. Would you like to come? Speaker B: ______

    A.I"d love to, but I promised my mother I"d take my sister to a show.

    B.Really? When did you buy the tickets?

    C.Why do you ask me to go with you?

    D.I can"t because actually I"m not very keen on concerts.


  • Speaker A: Im sorry, officer. I wasnt paying attention. Speaker B: ______

    A.I think you have been driving faster than the speed limit. Please slow down.

    B.Listen. When you"re speeding, you"re taking your life, and very possibly someone else"s life on your hands.

    C.Then, will you explain why you weren"t paying attention to the speed limit?

    D.As a driver, you should keep an eye on all the road signs.