A.He is no longer a competent leader.B.He is a g...

A.He is no longer a competent leader.

B.He is a great fire chief.

C.He will get a chance eventually.

D.He will get promoted soon.



  • At his parents’ urging, he enrolled in Columbia University, so that, if worst came to worst, he could always go to the School of Journalism and “get a nice steady job somewhere”.

  • Why does Wagoner say "There's nothing like a good battle to stir excitement and. get everyone focused" ?()

    [A] To imply that he used to be an athlete.

    [B] To show that he is in high spirits.

    [C] To prove that he is loyal to GM.

    [D] To indicate that he is .a tough guy.

  • When a diabetic patient feels uncomfortable while exercising,______.

    A.he needs to hold on and continue exercising

    B.he may probably get a low blood sugar level

    C.it is because he's done the wrong exercise

    D.he should still refrain from sweet food