You are to write in no less than 120 words about t...

You are to write in no less than 120 words about the title "On the Youth Crime". You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: (1)近年来我国青少年犯罪率不断上升。 (2)青少年犯罪增多的原因。 (3)你的看法。


正确答案:Title: On the Youth Crime In recent years there has been an alarming rise in the youth crime. Many school-age children most common in the 14- to 15-year-old age group commit wrongdoings from petty theft to more violent and dangerous crimes. There are three main reasons for the increase of juvenile delinquency. The first is that today children are often exposed to violence on TV which makes them believe that violence is a good way to solve problems. Another reason is that parents are too busy with their work and therefore they have little time to spend with their children and to help them when they are helplessly in trouble. Besides unhappy marriage is also responsible for youth crimes. The break-up of family makes children feel ashamed insulted and disappointed with their lives. Some go so far as to become juvenile delinquents. We must take immediate measures to improve the situation for children are the hope and future of the country. In my opinion the whole society should work together to create a favorable environment for the growth of children. Meanwhile children can be involved in more community services so that they could get a better understanding of society and develop a positive outlook of the world. We should always remember: Prevention is better than cure.
  • Speaker A: That was a great dinner. Thanks a lot. You'll have to come to our place sometime. Speaker B: ______

    A.I'm really very sorry. You see, I haven't prepared anything delicious for you.

    B.Come again whenever it is convenient to you, won't you?

    C.Why do you have to leave in a hurry? Do you have anything urgent to do?

    D.I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope to see you again soon.

  • If you carry too little or too much insurance, ______. will know in the end that they are just wild guesses may not enjoy a reasonable standard of living while you're alive may not provide a reasonable standard of living for your family

    D.either you or your family might suffer an unreasonable living standard

  • Speaker A: The box looks very heavy. Would you like me to carry it for you? Speaker B: ______

    A.No, no. Thank you. The box is not very heavy and I can carry it myself.

    B.Thank you for your help. This box is really very heavy.

    C.Thank you, thank you. I"m glad that you can help me.

    D.Oh, no. I can manage. Thanks anyway.