You are to write in no less than 120 words about t...

You are to write in no less than 120 words about the title "On the Youth Crime". You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below: (1)近年来我国青少年犯罪率不断上升。 (2)青少年犯罪增多的原因。 (3)你的看法。



正确答案:Title: On the Youth Crime In recent years there has been an alarming rise in the youth crime. Many school-age children most common in the 14- to 15-year-old age group commit wrongdoings from petty theft to more violent and dangerous crimes. There are three main reasons for the increase of juvenile delinquency. The first is that today children are often exposed to violence on TV which makes them believe that violence is a good way to solve problems. Another reason is that parents are too busy with their work and therefore they have little time to spend with their children and to help them when they are helplessly in trouble. Besides unhappy marriage is also responsible for youth crimes. The break-up of family makes children feel ashamed insulted and disappointed with their lives. Some go so far as to become juvenile delinquents. We must take immediate measures to improve the situation for children are the hope and future of the country. In my opinion the whole society should work together to create a favorable environment for the growth of children. Meanwhile children can be involved in more community services so that they could get a better understanding of society and develop a positive outlook of the world. We should always remember: Prevention is better than cure.
  • You are to write in no less 120 words on the topic of "The Country I Would Like to Visit". You may base your composition on the clues given below:

    1. 如果有机会带外国度假两周,你会选择哪个国家?



  • One silly question I simply cannot tolerate is "How do you feel?" Usually the question is asked of a man in action—a man walking along the street, or busily working at his desk. So what do you expect him to say? Hell probably say, "Fine, Im all right. " But you have put a bug in his ear—maybe now he is not sure. If you are his good friend, you may have seen something on his face, or in his walk, that he overlooked that morning. It makes him worrying a little. He looks in a mirror to see if everything is all right, while you go merrily on your way asking someone else, "How do you feel?" Every question has its time and place. Its perfectly acceptable, for instance, to ask "How do you feel?" if you are visiting a close friend in the hospital. But if the fellow is walking on both legs, hurrying to take a train or sitting at his desk working, its no time to ask him that silly question. When George Bernard Shaw, the famous British writer of plays was in his eighties, someone asked him, "How do you feel?" Shaw put him in his place. "When you reach my age," he said, "either you feel all right or you are dead. " Question: "You have put a bug in his ear" means that you have______.

    A.made him laugh

    B.shown concern for him

    C.made fun of him

    D.given him some kind of warning


  • When you are negotiating with someone, listen for the messages that he or she might be sending to you. For example, the word "difficult" does not【C1】______ the same as impossible. Imagine you are staying in a hotel, and your want to change your room. The managers answer of "That would be difficult, sir", does not mean that he is saying "no". It just means that he wants to know【C2】______ you are prepared to offer him in return for the change of room. If you【C3】______ you will cause him a lot of trouble if he does not change your room, he might【C4】______ it would be better for him to do as you ask. If you are buying a new car, and want to pay less than the price being asked, then the salesmans【C5】______ , "Im sorry, but we never negotiate on the price", means that they do negotiate on other things, like the【C6】______ time, or the "extras" that might be available as part of the purchase. In all these【C7】______ the message is never communicated in clear terms. In any negotiation, the two "players" wish to get as much out of it as they can, of course. In the three【C8】______ above, the salesmen and the hold manager are hoping that you will accept their price or conditions, but their messages make it clear that there may be【C9】______ for movement and compromise. In a successful negotiation, the two sides move towards each other and reach agreement on conditions that【C10】______ both sides.