Speaker A: Youll never guess what was going on in...

Speaker A: Youll never guess what was going on in our school last week. Speaker B: ______.

A.Go on, surprise me

B.Yes, that must be lovely

C.Yes, I can

D.You are telling me



  • Speaker A: Do you have to have that record on quite so loud? Speaker B: ______

    A.Well, it's none of your business whether I have the record on loud or not.

    B.Sorry! Is it bothering you?

    C.No, I don't have to. Do you want me to turn it down?

    D.Yes, sorry to bother you. I'll be more careful next time.


  • Speaker A: Could you please tell me where I can find tennis shoes? Speaker B: ______

    A.You shouldn"t ask a stranger such a question.

    B.Yes. You can get them in the sportswear department on the right side of the store.

    C.Sorry, I couldn"t. Why don"t you ask somebody else?

    D.What for? I remember you just bought a pair of tennis shoes last month.


  • Speaker A: Would you like to go boating with me? Speaker B: ______

    A.Will you be free this afternoon?

    B.Yes, I enjoy boating more than anything else.

    C.What a good idea!

    D.I think it good to go boating.