______ the uncertainty of the weather, outdoor cafes are not a feature of English life.

A.In spite of

B.Owing to

C.Belonging to


  • ______ the uncertainty of the weather, outdoor cafes are not a feature of English life.
    A.In spite of
    B.Owing to
    C.Belonging to

  • 【单选题】After receiving a complaint from a customer, employees should find ways to resolve it as soon as possible. The first step is to __________.

    A、express your regret

    B、verify the facts

    C、offer solutions

  • Which are the correct methods to calculate the angular velocity of bar in the mechanism?





  • The traffic in the city??????????be terrible, but ...

    The traffic in the city          be terrible, but the city has improved a lot. I think you will        it soon. 
    A.used to;use toB.get used to;used toC.. used to; get used toD.get used to; use to

  • life is always presenting new things to the child—things that have lost their interesting for older people because __3__they are too well-known.
  • 阅读理解????One day an Australian farmer, Joe, saw...

        One day an Australian farmer, Joe, saw a bright light in the sky.①The light came nearer and nearer and suddenly

    Joe saw that it was a spaceship.The spaceship landed in a field quickly.    The door of the spaceship opened and two

    strange beings climbed out.②They seemed to be half man and half bird.Joe was afraid of them. He tried to run away.

    But the spacemen walked towards him, picked him up and carried him into the spaceship. They put wires(电线) from

    a machine onto his head and they could speak to him in English.

        They asked him some questions about the earth. "We are from Venus," they said, "but it's getting very hot there. A

    lot of our people are dying and we don't have much time left. We are trying to find a new home."

        After some time they③freedJoe and at last the spaceship took off and could not be seen again. Joe told his friends

    about the spaceship, but no one believed his story.

        "You'll believe me one day," Joe told them. "The spaceman will come back..."

    1. 翻译①处画线部分句子


    2. 不改变句意,改写②处句子


    3. According to the conversation between Joe and the aliens, what do we know about Venus?


    4. ③处单词的意思是_____

    A. let…go

    B. paid no money

    C. took away

    D. locked

    5. 用文中的两个词填空。

       (1) Some people _____ in everlasting life after death.

       (2)The girls are _____ of going out at night.

  • 阅读理解 We can see how the product life cycle works by looking at the introduction of instant coffe

        We can see how the product life cycle works by looking at the introduction of instant coffee.When
    it was introduced,most people did not like it as well as "regular" coffee and it took several years to gain
    general acceptance (introduction stage). At one point,though,instant coffee grew rapidly in popularity
    and many brands were introduced (stage of rapid growth).. After a while people became attached to
    one brand,sales leveled off (stage of maturity). Sales went into a slight decline (衰退) when freeze
    dried coffees were introduced (stage of decline).
         The importance of the product life cycle to marketers is this:Different stages in the product life cycle
    call for different strategies.The goal is to extend product life so that sales and profits do not decline.One
    strategy is called market modification.It means that marketing managers look for new users and market
    sections.Did you know,for example,that the backpacks that so many students carry today were originally
    designed for the military?
        Market modification also means searching for increased usage among present customers or going for
    a different market,such as senior citizens.A marketer may re-position the product to appeal to new

    market sections.
        Another product extension strategy is called product modification.It involves changing product quality,
    features,or style to attract new users or more usage from present users.American auto manufacturers are
    using quality improvement as one way to recapture (夺回) world markets.Note,also,how auto
    manufacturers once changed styles dramatically from year to year to keep demand from falling.

    1. According to the passage,when people grow fond of one particular brand of a product,its
        sales will________.
    A. decrease gradually  
    B. become unstable
    C. improve enormously  
    D. remain at the same level
    2. The first paragraph tells us that a new product is________.
    A. usually introduced to satisfy different tastes
    B. often more expensive than old ones
    C. often inferior to old ones at first
    D. not easily accepted by the public
    3. Marketers need to know which of the four stages a product is in so as to________.
    A. work out marketing policies
    B. promote its production
    C. increase its popularity
    D. speed up its life cycle
    4. The author mentions the example of "backpacks" (Line7,Para.2) to show the importance of _____.
    A. increasing usage among students
    B. pleasing the young as well as the old
    C. exploring new market sections
    D. serving both military and civil needs
    5. In order to recover their share of the world market,US auto makers are________.
    A. improving product quality
    B. re-positioning their product in the market
    C. modernizing product style
    D. increasing product features
  • Indeed, there are many _____ advantages to a five-day week.

  • John and Alice got _______ last year in Las Vegas.
    D.to marry

  • To be exact, _______ people were injured in the earthquake.
    A.thousands of
    B.six thousands
    C.six thousand
    D.six thousands of

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