John and Alice got _______ last year in Las Vegas.



C.married marry

  • John and Alice got _______ last year in Las Vegas.
    C.married marry

  • —I hear your father ____ to Japan once.—Yes. He __...

    —I hear your father ____ to Japan once.

    —Yes. He ____ there last year.

    [    ]

    A. went; has been

    B. has been; went

    C. goes; went

    D. has been; has been

  • 完形填空。????In my hometown there lived a sixty-ye...

        In my hometown there lived a sixty-year-old man. He was very   1  and never got ill. He liked   2  

    poisonous snakes since he was a boy. Nearly   3   week, he climbed up a hill   4  to catch snakes. He

    did not know how many times he had been bitten by snakes. He usually took some medicine with him 

      5  he was bitten by a snake. But once he had no medicine with him and did not take any, yet there

    was nothing wrong with him. From then on he had   6  no medicine for being hurt by snakes. Few

    people believed that until an interesting story took place.

        One day last spring, when the old man   7  a walk in the street, a wild dog   8  him and hurt him 

      9  the left leg with its mouth. The old man was too angry. He picked up a big stone and ran after the

    dog. But before the old man  10  it, the dog lay down and died after running about -  11 long. Being paid

    no attention to, the old man took the dead dog  12  nd cooked the meat food. A neighbor   13  to visit

    him and had a piece of the meat, too. But soon after the neighbor ate the meat, he had a stomachache and

    had  14  breathing.

        The neighbor  15  to a hospital nearby. The doctor was a man with  16  experience and he knew the

    old man very well who liked eating poisonous snakes. After asking   17  questions and giving a general

    examination, the doctor let the old man's neighbor  18  some medicine for snake poison. Happily for

    them, half an hour later, the patient got well. It was said    19  the snake poison in the strange old man's

    body was  20  poisonous than in a big poisonous snake. So this story had happened.

    (    )1. A. healthy           

    (    )2. A. hitting           

    (    )3. A. one               

    (    )4. A. near              

    (    )5. A. before            

    (    )6. A. had               

    (    )7. A. was having        

    (    )8. A. ran

    (    )9. A. by                

    (    )10. A. caught up with   

    (    )11. A. one hundred meter

    (    )12. A. home             

    (    )13. A. was              

    (    )14. A. fun              

    (    )15. A. is taken         

    (    )16. A. many             

    (    )17. A. few              

    (    )18. A. took             

    (    )19. A. what             

    (    )20. A. less             

    B. excellent          

    B. beating            

    B. a                  

    B. nearly             

    B. while              

    B. taken              

    B. was getting        

    B. knock into         

    B. at                 

    B. caught             

    B. one-hundred-meters 

    B. to house           

    B. happened           

    B. difficult          

    B. was sent           

    B. a few              

    B. no                 

    B. taking             

    B. that               

    B. much more         

    C. kind             

    C. eating           

    C. every            

    C. nearby           

    C. in case          

    C. eaten            

    C. made             

    C. knock on        

    C. with             

    C. threw at         

    C. one-hundred-meter 

    C. to home          

    C. came             

    C. trouble         

    C. has been taken   

    C. much             

    C. the              

    C. take             

    C. which            

    C. much            

    D. good                   

    D. raising                

    D. each                   

    D. around                 

    D. unless                 

    D. drunk                  

    D. wanted                 

    D. run with               

    D. in                     

    D. followed               

    D. one hundred meters     

    D. to the family          

    D. used                   

    D. question               

    D. had been sent          

    D. little                 

    D. several                

    D. to take                

    D. how                    

    D. on more                

  • She is a strong-willed woman and never ______ in to any difficulty in her life.

    [    ]

    A. she has given

    B. did she give      

    C. she gave      

    D. has she given

  • 改错。Mr and Mrs Peter don't go out in the evening....

    Mr and Mrs Peter don't go out in the evening. But last night,                                   

    Mrs Peter said tohishusband,                                                                  

     "There isangood film at the cinema this evening.                                             

    Can we go andseeingit?"                                                                       

    Mr Peter wassuchhappy about it that he went there with his wife.                              

    They both enjoyed thefilms.                                                                    

     They didn't get home until the film was overineleven o'clock.                                

    On their way home they saw a womanrunalong the road very fast and a man running

    after her.    

    Mr Peter drove the carslownear the woman and said to her, "Can we help you?"                  

    "No, thank you." The woman said but shedoesn'tstop running.                                   

    "My husbandorI always run home after the cinema. and the last one washes the bowls

    at home."  

    1. _____  

    2. _____  

    3. _____  

    4. _____  

    5. _____ 

    6. _____

    7. _____

    8. _____

    9. _____ 

    10. _____ 

  • He showed ______ in English last year. And he is ______ in English.

    [    ]

    A. interest, much interested

    B. interest, more interested

    C. interesting, much interest

    D. interesting, more interested

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