They have no ______ wish ______ to live and work for their motherland.

A.same … as

B.such … as

C.other … than

D.another … than

  • They have no ______ wish ______ to live and work for their motherland.
    A.same … as
    B.such … as
    C.other … than
    D.another … than

  • For sounds to be allophones of the same phoneme they must be complementarily distributed and must have phonetic similarity.
  • What are the focuses when you want to transfer at the airport?

    A、How can you transfer from one flight to another?

    B、When will you arrive at your final destination?

    C、How is your baggage transferred?

    D、How long will you stay in the stopover?

  • 【判断题】Jerry had a natural ability to make people look at the positive side of life.
  • The most effective sources of information about a product tend to be ________ sources.





  • We wish to renew our floating policy No. 543 on the same terms as before, to cover consignments of textiles to West African ports. 从下面所给译文中选出最佳译文()



  • Some people think that they will get ill if they use their brains(大脑)too much. It is not true. Through many researches, scientists show us that the more you use your brains, the better they will be, and the wiser you will become.

    Of course, if you want to keep your mind clear and be energetic(充满活力的), you must take a proper rest and study properly. To the teenagers, using their brains in the morning is good for their health.

    There are many ways to rest. One is a peaceful rest. Sleep is a peaceful rest. Another is an active rest. For example, take a walk outdoors, do morning exercises every day. To change the way of the brains’activities(活动)is also a good way to rest.

    In everyday life, to eat some eggs, meat, fresh vegetable and fruit is also good for the brains.

    Wish you a wise man and a happy life.

    小题1:If ________________ ,your mind will be clean?

    A.You go swimming in a lake
    B.You are active in learning
    C.You have a good rest and study properly.
    D.You can sing a song
    小题2:Which of the following statements is false?
    A.Sleep is a kind of good rest.
    B.Doing morning exercises is a peaceful rest.
    C.Going out for a rest is an active rest.
    D.Different activities are a good rest.
    小题3:Which of the following is true according to the passage?
    A.Illness comes from the fact that the brains are used too much.
    B.Fruits are the most important for the brains.
    C.The brains will be better if they are used often.
    D.Sleep is the only way of having a rest.
    小题4:Which of the following can be used as the best title of the passage?
    A.How to Use your BrainB.How to Rest
    C.How to Become a Wise ManD.Keep Your Mind Clear

  • —?Can you come to attend our party tonight?— Sorry...

    — Can you come to attend our party tonight?

    — Sorry, but I do wish I _____.

    [    ]

    A. could

    B. can

    C. will

    D. had

  • 阅读理解。????Do you want to live forever? By the y...

        Do you want to live forever? By the year 2050,you might actually get your wish-if you are willing to

    leave your biological body and live in silicon circuits (半导体电路). But long before    then, perhaps as

    early as 2020,some measures will begin offering a semblance of immortality (虚的永生).

        Researchers are confident that the technology will soon be able to track every waking moment of your

    life?Whatever you see and hear,all that you say and write,can be recorded,analyzed and added to your

    personal chronicles (履历). By the year 2030,it may be possible to catch your nervous systems through

    electrical activities,which would also keep your thoughts and emotions.

        Researchers at the laboratories of British Telecommunications have given the name of this idea as

    Soul Catcher.Small electronic equipment will make preparation for Soul Catcher.It would use a wearable

    supercomputer,perhaps in a wristwatch, with wireless links to microseosors under your scalp (头皮) and

    in the nerves that carry all five sensory signals.So wearing a video camera would no longer be required.

        At first,the Soul Catcher's companion system-the Soul Reader-might have trouble copying your

    thoughts in complete details. Even in 2030,we may still be struggling to understand how the brain is

    working inside, so reading your thoughts and understanding your emotions might not be possible. But

    these signals could be kept for the day when they can be transferred to silicon circuits to revitalize minds

    everlasting entities (永生实体). Researchers can only wonder what it will be like to wake up one day

    and find yourself alive inside a machine.

        For people who choose not to live in silicon,semblance of immortal ity would not be as useless as they

    thought.People would know their lives would not be forgotten, but would be kept a record of the human

    race forever.And future generations would have a much fuller understanding of the past.History would

    not be controlled by just the rich and powerful, Hollywood stars,and a few thinkers in the upper society.

    1.The main idea of this passage is that_____ .
    A. human beings long for living forever

    B. there are many difficulties in making the Soul Catcher

    C. people can live forever as technology develops

    D. the invention of Soul Catcher has great importance

    2. According to this passage.a Soul Catcher will be______ .
    A. a new machine on which research measures have already been made

    B. a new invention in order to catch and keep human's thoughts

    C. made by British scientists to offer something that looks like living forever

    D. made of silicon circuits which can catch people's nervous activity

    3.We can infer from the passage that semblance of immortality is______. 
    A. to be a reality sooner or later    

    B. far from certain

    C. just an idea that couldn't be realized at all  

    D. a fading hope

    4.The meaning of the underlined word revitalize, in the fourth paragraph is close to___.
    A. make dead    

    B. make famous    

    C. make known  

    D. make active

  • If you are writing a persuasive speech, it is important to find out the audience's interest level in the topic, their knowledge, and attitude.
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