With low buildings the variety of possible shapes is much ______ than with taller buildings.


B.less great



  • With low buildings the variety of possible shapes is much ______ than with taller buildings.
    B.less great

  • •Read the following article about 'Go-Fast', a cost-saying programme introduced by the car manufacturer General Motors, and the questions on the opposite page.

    •For each question (15-20), mark one letter (A, B, C or D) on your Answer Sheet.

    Somewhere today, a group of staff from General Motors will meet as part of the 'Go-Fast' programme, and hammer out a new initiative to cut costs and bureaucracy. They may focus only on wiper-blades, or staff appraisal, or showroom design. But by this afternoon, there should be an outline savings plan, which will, when implemented, be measured carefully for signs of success. The aim is to transform. GM from a lumbering leviathan into the corporate equivalent of a sports car. The intention is not just to be big - GM is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world - but to be fast, particularly in its responsiveness to the market. The success of the programme is reflected in the large number of suggestions being introduced - far more than in the old days, when every change had to come from senior managers focusing on the 'big picture'.

    The progress made has trans- formed investor perceptions of GM. Before the Go-Fast programme was introduced, the conventional wisdom was that GM's market share was in permanent free fall and its organisation incapable of doing anything about it. Now, the decline has been turned around, and the senior managers' change of approach has led to the company being energised with a winning spirit that has unlocked long-dormant capabilities. That it took a firm of consultants to help devise the programme is perhaps a sad reflection of the danger of corporate thinking becoming inflexible.

    The shareholders' support of GM's strategy to become more outward-looking and innovative is some- thing of a luxury, though in the long run success would convince even the most sceptical shareholders. The strategy includes beating down on costs and extracting maximum synergies from GM's numerous alliance partners, such as its tooling suppliers, and exchanging ideas and management tools with other corporations of widely differing sizes, sectors and nationalities. Having such input is one thing, but its value would be undermined without a coherent mechanism to put ideas into practice, and this is where the consultants proved invaluable.

    In the car industry, however, there was plenty of scepticism about the programme when it was first announced, with many convinced that only much smaller organisations stood a reasonable chance of making such a transformation, particularly when it involved changes to the company culture. Surprisingly, perhaps, this fear was not shared by the consultants who helped senior management to design the programme and, crucially, effect a change in leader- ship skills; rather, they were more concerned about the impact that pockets of opposition within GM might have.

    The results of the scheme so far give rise to cautious optimism. No aspect of GM's work can hide from scrutiny, and initial fears of a lack of 'joined-up thinking' about the impact of one change on other areas soon dissipated, as the 'leadership panels' responsible for approving and implementing changes took a broader view. But while internal management has improved dramatically, many analysts are sceptical that the initiatives can outweigh GM's mountainous pension obligations. The company is still suffering the effects of poor decisions in the past, such as the choice of certain alliance partnerships, and a major change of strategy might be necessary to recover from these. If this were to take place, the company's core car manufacturing would need to be much more firmly rooted than it is at present, to ensure it didn't suffer from lack of focus. However, the architects of the scheme are confident that GM will be far more outward-looking and innovative in the near future.

    A.The intention behind it is to increase GM's market share.

    B.Suggestions need to be agreed by senior managers.

    C.All areas of business are examined for possible improvements.

    D.Senior managers are excluded from the initial discussions.

  • Jack is the second _____ student in our class. He is _____ than me.

    [    ]

    A. tall; much taller                      

    B. tallest; much taller

    C. tall; much more taller                

    D. tallest; much more taller

  • 阅读理解。????After an earthquake most survivors ca...

        After an earthquake most survivors can be expected to recover over time, particularly with the

    support of family and friends. Some families will be able to return to their normal life quickly, while

    others will have tocontend withthe destruction of their homes, medical problems, and injury to family

    members. Children especially will need time to recover from the loss of a loved one or a pet or from the

    closing down of their schools.

        Children often turn to adults for information, comfort and help. Parents should try to remain calm,

    answer children's questions honestly and remain understanding when they see changes in their children's


        Children react differently to an earthquake depending on their ages, developmental levels and former

    experiences. Some will respond by withdrawing (不与人交往), while others will have angry outbursts

    (爆发). Parents should remain sensitive to each child's reactions. Parents should spend time talking to

    their children, letting them know that it's OK to ask questions and to share their worries. Although it may

    be hard to find time to have these talks, parents can use regular family mealtimes or bedtimes for them.

    They should answer questions briefly and honestly and be sure to ask their children for their opinions and

    ideas. Issues may come up more than once and parents should remain patient when you answer the

    questions again. For young children, parents, after talking about the earthquake, might read a favorite

    story or have a relaxing family activity to help them calm down. Parents should also tell children they are

    safe and spend extra time with them. They could play games outside or read together indoors. Most

    importantly, be sure to tell them you love them.

    1. What's the passage mainly about?
    A. How to prepare before an earthquake strikes.

    B. What to do in an earthquake.

    C. How to face the loss of a loved one in an earthquake.

    D. How to help children recover mentally from an earthquake.

    2. The underlined phrase "contend with" in Paragraph 1 can be replaced by "______".
    A. deal with

    B. make up

    C. put off

    D. turn back

    3. When children ask the same question again, parents should ______.
    A. read a favorite story to comfort them.

    B. ask them to help do some housework.

    C. be patient and answer the question again.

    D. take them out to play games.

    4. Which of the following pieces of advice is NOT mentioned in the passage?
    A. Keep a close watch on children's behavior.

    B. Tell the children they are safe.

    C. Tell the children you love them.

    D. Ask educational experts for help.

  • 如果把Windows操作系统比作一幢摩天大楼的地基,那么.NET Framework就是摩天大楼中由钢筋和混凝土搭成的框架。
  • Plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen using light as energy during the process of __________.





  • A successful brand should inspire confidence and trust and fulfill expectations, creating value for 

    customers, which, __________, can lead to lifetime loyalty.  

    [    ]

    A. in return         

    B. in turn        

    C. in other words        

    D. in fact

  • ______ the uncertainty of the weather, outdoor cafes are not a feature of English life.
    A.In spite of
    B.Owing to
    C.Belonging to

  • You must concentrate your attention ______ the main contradiction involved in the problem.

  • John and Alice got _______ last year in Las Vegas.
    D.to marry

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