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In Eritrea, a small country in northeast Africa, a...

In Eritrea, a small country in northeast Africa, approximately 80 percent of the population is illiterate.That percentage is even higher in woman.As in many developing countries, many Eritreans have traditional ideas about the role of women.They believe that women should stay home and take care of the family and should not get an education or look for a job. These beliefs are one of the factors that prevent Eritrea and other developing countries from improving their economic situation.Experience in many developing countries has shown that educated women have fewer children and have more opportunities for improving their lives and the lives of their families.In Eritrea, in fact, there is great need for improvement.It is one of the poorest countries in the world.For many Eritrean families? getting enough food is a daily problem. To deal with these problems, the Eritrean government together with the World Food Program, has a new program that offers food as a reward for learning.In primary schools, all the children receive food packages to take home to their families.However, with the new program, the girls receive more food than the boys.This way, parents are encouraged to send their daughter to school rather than keeping them at home. Another government program that aims to educate women is Food for Training.Managed by the National Union of Eritrean Women, this program offer food rewards (also from World Food Organization) to women and elder girls who are willing to join the program、Because of the war with Ethiopia, many women are bringing up their families on their own.They often live in refugee camps,with no land of their own and no way to earn money.Most of these women are illiterate and have no skills to find a job.They spend most of their day looking for food and preparing it for their families. The Food for Training program helps the teenagers and women change their lives.If they agree to join the program, they receive a large package of food each month.In return, the women are required to attend free literate classes for two hours every day.When Food for Training classes in two regions of Eritrea? 5000 girls and women joined in the first two months、It is especially popular with teenage girls,aged fourteen to sixteen, who have never had a chance to go to school before. The organizers of Food for Training also plans to offer other kinds of courses for women, using the same system of food rewards.In these courses,they will teach women job skills and crafts such as basket weaving.These women will not only learn to read and write.They will become aware of what is going on in their country. According to the passage, traditional ideas about women_________.A.are rejected by younger generation

B.help improve the economy

C.hinder economic development

D.have little impact on economic development

The Eritrean government is offering extra food to girls in school in order to______.A.encourage to keep girls at home

B.change traditional attitudes towards women

C.help girls feed their families

D.creat more jobs for Eritrean teachers

With the Food for Learning program, women get a large package of food as long as___________.A.they attend free literacy classes every day

B.they have no land of their own

C.they bring up their families on their own

D.they live in refugee camps

The new literacy programs are an example of___________.A.the work of 5000 women and teenage girls

B.the problems with the aid of international organizations

C.local and international organizations working together

D.the Eritrean government working to keep its power

According to the passage, Food for Training will _________.A.help women better their lives

B.encourage women to leave their country

C.teach women about international aid

D.allow women to spend more time at home

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问题 1 答案解析:D
问题是对妇女的传统观念是什么。从文章第一段最后一句我们知道,传统观念中妇女的作用仅限 于照顾家庭,可见,她们对经济发展的影响微乎其微,所以D正确。
问题 2 答案解析:B
问题是厄立特里亚政府给到学校上学的女孩提供更多的食物目的何在?第三段中间说到“...the girls receive more food than the boys. This way, parents are encouraged to send their daughter to school rather than keeping them at home.”显然,政府此举在于改变对妇女的传统观念。
问题 3 答案解析:A
问题是在什么情况下妇女可以得到一大包食物。第五段第三句“In retirni, the women are required to attend free literate classes.”即只要她们参加免费的识字课就可以领到食物,所以选A。
问题 4 答案解析:C
问题是新扫盲项目是什么的范例,第三段第一句“To deal with these problems,the Eritrean government together with the World Food Program,has a new program that offers food as a reward for learning.”可见,这一项目是当地政府和国际组织合作的结果。因此,选项C正确。
问题 5 答案解析:A
问题是食物换学习项目的结果是什么。文中第五段的第一句“The Food for Training program helps the teenagers and women change their lives.”显然,该项目期望改善妇女的生活条件。
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— He was born and grew up in the town.   

— _________ he knows it so well.  

[    ]

A. No doubt            

B. No problem            

C. No curiosity    

D. No wonder

Shelley wins $1 million in her state’s lottery. If Shelley keeps working after she wins the money, we can infer that the substitution effect must exactly offset the income effect for he
Per mantenere in forma, ti consiglio di ( ) [fare] più sport.
The Qiang people worship Red Stones, which were thought as representing God of the sun.

Since the early 1930s,Swiss banks had prided themselves on their system of banking secrecy and numbered accounts.Over the years,they had successfully withstood every challenge to this system by their own government who,in turn,had been frequently urged by foreign governments to reveal information about the financial affairs of certain account holders.The result of this policy of secrecy was that a kind of mystique had grown up around Swiss banking.There was a widely-held belief that Switzerland was irresistible to wealthy foreigners, mainly because of its numbered accounts and bankers, reluctance to ask awkward questions of depositors.Contributing to the mystique was the view,carefully propagated by the banks themselves, that if this secret was ever given up, foreigners would fall over themselves in the rush to withdraw money, and the Swiss banking system would virtually collapse overnight. To many, therefore, it came like a bolt out of the blue, when, in 1977,the Swiss banks announced they had signed a pact with the Swiss National Bank (the Central Bank).The aim of the agreement was to prevent the improper use of the country’s bank secrecy laws,and its effect to curb (遏制)severely the system of secrecy. The rules which the banks had agreed to observe made the opening of numbered accounts subject to much closer scrutiny than before.The banks would be required,if necessary,to identify the origin of foreign fund going into numbered and other accounts.The idea was to stop such accounts being used for dubious (可疑的)purposes.Also,they agreed not to accept funds resulting from tax evasion or from crime. The pact represented essentially a tightening up of banking rules.Although the banks agreed to end relations with clients whose identities were unclear or who were performing improper acts, they were still not obliged to inform. on a client to anyone, including the Swiss government.To some extent,therefore,the principle of secrecy had been maintained. Swiss banks took pride in_________.A.the number of their accounts

B.withholding client information

C.being mysterious to the outsiders

D.attracting wealthy foreign clients

According to the passage,the widely-held belief that Switzerland was irresistible to wealthy for-eigners was__________by banks themselves.A.denied




In the last paragraph,the writer thinks that________.A.complete changes had been introduced into Swiss banks

B.Swiss banks could no long keep client information

C.changes in the bank policies had been somewhat superficial

D.more changes need to be considered and made

Swiss banks are tightening its banking rules by________.A.examining the origin of foreign funds before going into accounts

B.preventing doubtful accounts from going into the bank

C.refusal of funds from crimes or tax evasions

D.all of the above

The purpose of the pact signed with the Swiss National Bank was__________.A.to attract more wealthy foreigners to the bank

B.to stop improper use of the banking secrecy laws of the country

C.to increase the numbered accounts of the Swiss Banks

D.to add mystery to Swiss Banks


According to South Koreans new visa regulations, native speakers of English who intend to teach English in South Korea will be required to undergo criminal record checks,medical and drug tests, provide sealed academic transcripts and have their university diplomas inspected? The Korea Times has reported.The tightened regulations will affect an estimated 17000 foreigners that hold E-2 visas specifically for foreign language teachers. The most controversial requirement is that English teachers residing outside South Korea will have to have an interview at a South Korean embassy before taking up their teaching posts.For applicants living in remote areas in Canada? Australia or the US,this is an additional travel burden、Meanwhile, foreign teachers currently living in South Korea must leave the country after their one-year contracts end and renew their visas at a South Korean embassy in their home country or third country.Before the changes, they could renew their visas by visiting a neighboring country and return without additional documentation. The visa changes are a reaction to public concern about the suitability of some foreign teachers.A report from the South Korean Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development shows between 2001 and August of this year, 1481 foreign language teachers have been caught for a range of offenses including forged degrees, visa violations and general lawbreaking. But the changes are likely to slow up the supply of teachers to South Koreans English language education sector.According to Michael Duffy, manager of a teacher placement service in South Korea, applicants have to spend a few hundred dollars and several months on getting affidavits for documents.“South Korea has put up too many hoops to jump through.” he said,adding that foreigners would seek work elsewhere.Most foreigners wonder if the experience of working in South Korea will be worth the burden of the paper work and increasing restrictions.“I don’t think (South) Korea has thought this through.” said Scott Mclnnis,a Canadian teacher based in Incheon near Seoul、“This is a reactionary move by the government that will have strong implications for the EFL community.” As part of efforts to ease the discontent, the South Korean Ministry of Justice has granted a three-month grace period for current E-2 visa holders to prepare the necessary documents. Which of the following is NOT required of an E-2 visa applicant?A.To pass a Korean language test

B.To undergo a medical test.

C.To provide sealed school reports

D.To undergo a drug test.

Before the change of visas regulation,foreign teachers living in South Korean can__________to teach again.A.have an interview again at a South Korean embassy

B.return to their own country to renew their visas

C.visit a neighboring country if they wanted to renew their visas

D.produce additional documentation to renew their visas

In paragraph 4, the word “reactionary move” in the sentence means ____________.A.conflicting ideas

B.opposing opinions

C.subversive activities

D.disapproving actions

What does EFL refer to?A.English Foreign language learner

B.English as a second language

C.Learning of English as a foreign language

D.English as a foreign language

The new visa policy aims at________.A.limiting too many foreigners entering into South Korean to teach English

B.improving foreign language teaching in South Korea

C.easing the discontent of the South Korean people to the government

D.slowing up the supply of English teachers to South Korea
























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