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Too often, though, there is a failure or even a refusal to recognize the legitimacy of you

2. Too often, though, there is a failure or even a refusal to recognize the legitimacy of young people’s contributions to programmes, policies and decision-making. Although, quite often, the public fail or even refuse to admit that ____ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

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On the template strand that has a 3’ end behind the moving fork, DNA polymerase can synthesize DNA continuously.
We all know that DNA has the ability to identify individuals but, because it is inherited, there are also regions of the DNA strand which can relate an individual to his or her family (immediate and extended), tribal group and even an entire population. Molecular Genealogy (宗谱学) can use this unique identification provided by the genetic markers to link people together into family trees. Pedigrees (家谱) based on such genetic markers can mean a breakthrough for family trees where information is incomplete or missing due to adoption, illegitimacy or lack of records. There are many communities and populations which have lost precious records due to tragic events such as the fire in the Irish courts during Civil War in 1921 or American slaves for whom many records were never kept in the first place.
The main objective of the Molecular Genealogy Research Group is to build a database containing over 100,000 DNA samples from individuals all over the world. These individuals will have provided a pedigree chart of at least four generations and a small blood sample. Once the database has enough samples to represent the world genetic make-up, it will eventually help in solving many issues regarding genealogies that could not be done by relying only on traditional written records. Theoretically, any individual will someday be able to trace his or her family origins through this database.
In the meantime, as the database is being created, molecular genealogy can already verify possible or suspected relationships between individuals. “For example, if two men sharing the same last name believe that they are related, but no written record proves this relationship, we can verify this possibility by collecting a sample of DNA from both and looking for common markers (in this case we can look primarily at the Y chromosome(染色体)),” explains Ugo A.Perego, a member of the BYU Molecular Genealogy research team.
People in a large area may possess the same DNA thread because______.
A.DNA is characteristic of a region
B.they are beyond doubt of common ancestry
C.DNA strand has the ability to identify individuals
D.their unique identification can be provided via DNA
阅读理解。??????Although there are no state control...

      Although there are no state controlled survival courses in Britain or the United States, there are various

independent organizations offering similar activities.

     Students can participate (take part) in outdoor training courses through university clubs and societies.

Anyone can register (登记) with such groups, which then organize courses, training and trips for all


      One of the most popular outdoor training programmes in both the US and Britain, is Outward Bound

(户外训练). It was founded in 1941 in Wales and attracts hundreds of thousands of adventurous types

every year.

     The courses are to broaden minds through experiences that build confidence, self-esteem (自尊) and

character. As well as specialist courses such as canoeing, leadership skills and sailing, participants can take

part in week long adventure training camps which include a host of sports and survival training education


      Michael Williams, an American student, took part in an Outward Bound course last year. He said:"We

learned lots of first aid skills, lots of natural history, lots of environmental facts, and participated in a wildlife

preservation (protecting) programme. Beyond that, my favorite skills learned were sailing and rock climbing."

      Courses can last up to 40 days and are open to anyone over the age of 14. Students must be in general

good health, but do not need to be experienced in outdoor-sports. There is no selection process; everyone is

welcome, although new participants are advised to pick a course matching their physical power.

      Most of the British courses take place in the Beacons in Wales. Another similar organization is the UK

Survival School, which includes courses on learning to live with the environment, sailing and winter survival.

On a basic survival weekend students will learn how to get water and food, how to make fire and cook with

it, to find and build a shelter, control survival life support, how to cross rivers, send off an SOS signal, and

to use compasses by day and night.

     According to the leaders, such adventures are "an awakening, an exploration into unknown." Outward

Bound believes that participants will "use mind and body traveling some of the earth's roughest wildness


1. The advantage of the training courses is that _____.

[    ]

A. participants can make friends with others

B. participants can visit some places of interest

C. participants can experience different adventures

D. participants can learn how wonderful nature is

2. In the Outward Bound course last year, the most exciting experience Michael Williams had was _____.

[    ]

A. learning first aid skills

B. collecting facts of environment

C. preserving wildlife

D. rock climbing and sailing

3. What's the writer's purpose to write this passage?

[    ]

A. To introduce the training course to readers.

B. To persuade readers to take part in the training courses.

C. To tell readers the danger of this training course.

D. To introduce the wonders of the world to readers.

As for word recognition in language comprehension, there are mainly ____________.

A、cohort model

B、interactive model

C、resonating model

D、race model

英译汉:fiscal year( )

A. iMac延保需要支付1198元,且全国绝大多数地区只能送修;A720服务是随机器免费提供的

B. iMac1年送修,90天电话支持;A7203年上门,3年保修

C. A720有客服专线直接转人工;iMac须拨打统一热线,经常排队

D. iMac无远程服务;A720有远程技术支持

3. National and international campaigns to end child labor have too often failed to take the views and experiences of working children and young people into account, and sometimes their situations have actually worsened as a result. National and international campaigns that aim at ________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.
4. Similarly, many programmes designed to protect young people from the streets by providing them with accommodations and education have failed because they have not sought the input of the young people themselves. Likewise, many programmes that intend to prevent young people from being street gangsters __ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.
5. It is by questioning, expressing their views and having their opinions taken seriously that young people develop skills, build competencies, acquire confidence and form aspirations. Young people develop their skills, upgrade their abilities, _________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________.
1. A chemical substance is widely applied in the process of preparing the cotton for jean production.



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