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Road Trip VacationsIt's summer. In the United States, it's the season of swimming pools, b

Road Trip Vacations

It's summer. In the United States, it's the season of swimming pools, barbeques, camping and road trips.

Road trip vacations where the car journey is part of the fun are especially popular with college students, who like to explore the country on wheels. These budget trips are ideal for students who often have plenty of free time but little money.

"Ever since I went to college, I've been traveling around a lot, exploring the country," said Austin Hawkins, a 19-year-old college student from New York. This summer, Hawkins and his friends have spent weekends traveling in New England.

The best part about car trips, said Hawkins, is that you can be spontaneous (自发的). "On a road trip, if you get interested in things you see along the way you can stop and explore. "

Matt Roberts, a 20-year-old student from Ohio who drove to Montreal, Canada, agrees. "With road trips you don't have to plan in advance, you can just get into a car and drive."

Even with high gas prices, driving with friends is cheaper than flying. Roberts paid about 40 dollars for gas, but a round trip plane ticket would have cost nearly 400 dollars.

Driving trips first became popular in the 1920s. Newly paved roads and improved cars made it possible to travel longer distances. Motels started appearing outside cities.

By the 1950s, car ownership became the norm. Construction of the US interstate highway system began in 1956 and motel and restaurant chains popped up everywhere making long distance trips easier.

Today, the US has the highest car ownership rate in the world. Only 8 percent of American homes have no car, according to the most recent US census.

Though many college students don't own a car, most have access to one. On many of Hawkins' trips, they used a borrowed van.

Hawkins' most memorable road trip took place over spring break. He and two friends drove from New York to New Orleans to volunteer, helping rebuild the city after Hurricane Katrina hit it last July. They crossed the country in two days and slept in their car in church parking lots.

Roberts' road trip to Canada last winter was even more eventful. Upon arriving in Montreal, they were lost in a blizzard and shivering in the — 250 cold. To find their hotel, they turned on a laptop and drove around in circles until they found a spot with wireless Internet coverage.

"I know we should have planned better, but we're young. Now, when I see those guys I always say. 'Remember when we were lost in the snow storm!' I'll never forget that."

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1. — What's the weather like in your hometown now?

   — It's usually very ________ (热) and often rains a lot.

2. In the United States sixteen is the ________ (年龄) when teenagers can begin driving.

3. Scientists have found that talking to another person for 10 minutes a day can help you

   remember things ________ (好) than not to.

4. — Are you a basketball ________ (爱好者)?

   — Yes. Yao Ming is my favourite star.

5. — What's your secret of success?

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6. In France you are not supposed to eat anything with your hands e________ (not including) bread.

7. A________ (the season between summer and winter) is the season when the days get shorter and

   the leaves turn yellow.

8. Don't worry. You will have e________ (as much as you want or need) time to think it over.

9. I d________ (grew and improved) an interest in Art when I was at primary school.

10. Luo Xuejuan was very proud that she was s________ (chosen) to be the first Chinese torchbearer


阅读理解。????If you live in the United States, the...

    If you live in the United States, the law says you can't have a full-time job until you are 16 year old. At

14 or 15, you can work part-time after school or on weekend, and during summer you can work 40 hours

each week. Does all that mean that if you are younger than 14, you can't make your own money? Of course

not! Kids who are between the ages of 10 and 13 can earn money by doing lots of things.

    Valerie, 11, told us that she made money by cleaning up other people's yards. Lena, 13, makes money by

knitting (织) dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbours, and Reisa said she had started taking art classes

and showing her work to people. People have asked her to draw pictures for them and they pay her for them.

Jasmine, 13, writes articles for different magazines!

    Earning is learning. By working to earn your own money, you are learning the skills you will need to

succeed in life. These skills can include things like getting along with others, using technology and using your

time. Some people think that asking for money is a lot easier than earning it; however, when you make your

own money, you don't have to depend on someone else. The five dollars that you earn will probably make you

feel a lot better in your hand than the twenty dollars you ask for.

1. Kids can have full-time jobs at the age of _______ in the USA.
A. 16

B. 14

C. 13

D. 10

2. Reisa makes money by ________.
A. cleaning up other people's yards

B. drawing pictures for others

C. writing articles for different magazines

D. Knitting dog sweaters and selling them to her neighbours

3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
A. You are learning how to succeed by working in your teens.

B. Kids are encouraged to live independently in the USA.

C. Earning one's money is better than asking for money from others.

D. Kids don't need to get along with others when making money.

4. From the passage we know that ________.
A. parents won't let their children earn their own money

B. it is hard for kids under 14 years old to earn money in the USA

C. kids can learn skills if they try to earn money on their own

D. if kids try to earn money, they won't have enough time to study

Procuring products from suppliers close to one’s own facilities refers to ____.






This summer’s World Cup competition will see teams competing to play the worlds best football.But the football they play will not all be of the same kind.The fans expect different styles of play from Brazil,Germany,or Italy. What makes Brazilian football Brazilian? Our style. of playing football contrasts with the Europeans because of a combination of qualities of surprise,accuracy and good judgment.This style. has won Brazil five world cups.Yet many Brazilian fans only count four of these victories.In 1994, the team abandoned this style. for modern,scientific training and tactics.The team won the cup,but in a boring way. The Italians think differently.“To many Italians,the score 0 : 0 has a glorious quality, suggesting perfection,says the British football writer Simon Kuper.In the Italian culture,the idea of face is very important.This is why Italian teams are traditionally built around strong defenses.The Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff once said that Italian teams never exactly beat you.It’s just that you often lose to them. In Holland, there is a tradition of decision making through argument and discussion.It is a society where everybody is expected to have a point of view.“Every Dutch player wants to control the game” says Arnold Muhren.“You play football with your brains and not your feet.” “A Dutch player argues,”says Simon Kuper.“An English player obeys his superior.He is a soldier.” The qualities valued in English football are military-strength,aggression and courage.This can make for exciting football.But it also means that the English find it difficult to use skillful players.David Beckham is usually criticized for his failure to defend—despite the fact that he is an attacker. If the English like to fight, the Germans like to win.In recent years, Germany has tried to change its image as a country of ruthless efficiency and a desire for victory at all costs.But Germans are quite happy for these qualities to remain in their national football team.“Football is a simple game,”Gary Lineker once said.“You kick a ball about for ninety minutes and in the end the Germans win.” It’s difficult to predict who will win this year’s World Cup,There is no strong favorite,But a look at the track record of previous winners shows that it is the nations with the strongest national characteristics in the football that perform. best,It seems that you need to know where you come from if you want to get to the top. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the Brazilian style. of playing football?A.Accuracy.


C.Good judgment.

D.Ruthless efficiency.

Why do many Italians think that the score 0:0 has a glorious quality?A.Because it makes no one lose face.

B.Because the Italian team is not very strong.

C.Because Italians are nice people.

D.Because that score is what their team could obtain.

What is one expected to do in Holland?A.To play football.

B.To express his or her opinion freely.

C.To make a fuss about nothing.

D.To beat his or her opponents ruthlessly.

Which of the following is NOT true of the British football players?A.They are aggressive.

B.They are courageous.

C.They play football for friendship.

D.They obey their superiors.

Who will win this year’s World Cup?A.The Brazilian team.

B.The Italian team.

C.The German Team.

D.It is unpredictable.

It’s impolite to (cut in) when others are having a conversation.


B.talk loudly


D.stand up















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