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Passage two

Educating girls quite possibly yields a higher rate of return than any other investment available in the developing world .women’s education may be unusual territory for economists ,but enhancing women’s contribution to development is actually as much an economic as a social issue .and economics ,with its emphasis on incentives ,provides guideposts that point to an explanation for why so many girls are deprived of an education Parents in low-income countries fail to invest in their daughters because they do not expert themto make an economic contribution to he family :girls grow up only to marry into somebody else’s family and bear children .Girls are thus seen as less valuable than boys and kept at home to do housework while their brothers are sent to school-the prophecy becomes self-fulfilling ,trapping women in a vicious circle of neglect.

An educated mother ,on the other hand ,has greater earning abilities outside the home and facesan entirely different set of choices. She is likely to have fewer but healthier children and can insiston the development of all her children ,ensuring that her daughters are given a fair chance .Theeducation of her daughters then makes it much more likely that the next generation of girls ,as well as of boys ,will be education and healthy . The vicious circle is thus transformed into a virtuous circle. Few will dispute that education women has great social benefits.But it has enormous economicadvantages as well .Most obviously ,there is the direct effect of education on the wages of femaleworkers.Wages rise by 10 to 20 percent for each additional year of schooling. Such big returns areimpressive by the standard of other available investments ,but they are just thebeginning .Education women also has a significant impact on health practices,including family planning.

The author argues that educating girls in developing countries is ()


B.labor –saving



By saying“…the prophecy becomes self –fulfilling…”(Lines45,para.2).the author means that ()A.girls will turn out to be less valuable than boys

B.girls will be capable of realizing their own dreams

C.girls will eventually find their goals in life beyond reach

D.girls will be increasingly discontented with their life at home

The author believes that a vicious circle can turn into a virtuous circle when ()A.women care more about education

B.girls can gain equal access to education

C.a family has fewer but healthier children

D.parents can afford their daughters’education

What does the author say about women’s education?

A.It deserves greater attention than other social issues

B.It is now given top priority in many developing countries

C.It will yield greater returns than other known investments

D.It has aroused the interest of a growing number of economists

The passage mainly discusses ()A.unequal treatment of boys and girls in developing countries

B.the potential earning power of well –educated women

C.the major contributions of educated women to society

D.the economic and social benefits of educating women

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问题 1 答案解析:C
问题 2 答案解析:A
问题 3 答案解析:B
问题 4 答案解析:C
问题 5 答案解析:D
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Which of the following is most acceptable for business writing?

A、Please think about the new insurance option.

B、Caltrek experienced a change in profits during the last fiscal year.

C、Retailers can expect to pay higher amounts for their goods and services.

D、Sheila will examine the job proposal carefully.


Passage TwoQuestions 62 to 66 are based on the following passage. Of all the areas of learning, the most important is the development of attitudes. Emotional reactions as well as logical thought processes affect the behavior. of most people. "The burnt child fears the fire" is one instance; another is the rise of figures like Hitler. Both these examples also point up the fact that attitudes come from experience. In the one case the experience was direct and impressive; in the other it was indirect and gradual. The classroom teacher in the elementary school is in strategic position to influence attitudes. This is true because children acquire attitudes from those adults whose words they respect. It is true that pupils often search somewhat deeply into a subject in school that has only been touched upon at home or has possibly never occurred to them before. To a child who had previously acquired little knowledge of Mexico, his teacher's method of handling such a unit would greatly affect his attitude toward Mexicans. The teacher can develop proper attitudes through social studies, science matters, the very atmosphere of the classroom, etc. However when children come to school with undesirable attitudes, it is unwise to attempt to change their feelings by criticizing them. The teacher can achieve the proper effect by helping them obtain constructive experience. To illustrate, first-grade pupils, afraid of policemen will probably change their attitudes after a classroom talk with the neighborhood officer in which he explains how he protects them. In the same way, a class of older children can develop attitudes through discussion, research, outside reading and all-day trips. Finally, a teacher must constantly evaluate her own attitudes, because her influence can be harmful if she has personal prejudices. This is especially true in respect to controversial issues and questions on which children should be encouraged to reach their own decisions as result of objective analysis of all the facts. 62.Why is the teacher in primary school in strategic position to influence attitudes?

A. Because children tend to believe everything that a teacher says.

B. Because children respect a teacher's words so that they acquire attitudes from him/her.

C. Because the teacher knows how to use compulsive methods to influence attitudes.

D. Because the teacher himseltfherself always has correct attitudes towards everything.

The Family Then and Now

Things were never easy within the family. But at a time

when the family was oriented toward the production of goods,

which alone made the survival of its members possible there

was an obvious necessity and a rational base for their living 【M1】______

and working together. Dire necessity did not permit putting into

question the very existence of the family, despite of the great 【M2】______

emotional demands living together made to each of its 【M3】______


Today the main economic activities of the family are in

the nature of consumption—how productive may be what some 【M4】______

of its members do in society. And from an early age on, each

member of the family could survive without its support—since

society at large is ready to provide support. Also, it is quite 【M5】______

easy to put the existence of the family into question. This

happens very frequent, not just as families separate or fail to be 【M6】______

formed, but also within families which in all outer appearance 【M7】______

are still intact. But once the family needs seriously to justify its

existence, it is no longer intact like a family in the old sense. 【M8】______

The modern family, deprived of its ancient and firm basis

in economic need, now tries to justify its existence through the 【M9】______

emotional ties within it. These always were present,

but they were a superstructure, good or bad, over the solid

foundation of necessity. With the foundation of necessity

moved, the emotions either tend to run rampant or to wither 【M10】______


The more a family tries to justify itself by means of the

feelings existing within it, the stronger these are aroused, and

the more easily and severely do they get hurt.


Passage 1A SCHOOL REPORTName:?Edward??????School:?...

Passage 1


Name: Edward      School: Kelvin Grove High School

Grade:  7         Term ending: May 6th 


Math: He is a little weak in this but he has tried his best to catch up with others.

English: He is the best in the class. Keep it up.

French: His reading is very good, and he can remember many words.

History(历史): He is familiar(熟悉) with the names of many places in the world.

Music: He doesn’t like pop music, though he sings very well.

Conduct: Fair   No. in class: 9   Absence(缺课): 8

Remarks(评语): Edward can do a lot better. More work is needed next term.

Class teacher: Ivy

Principal: M. L. Martin

School reopens: September 11

小题1:After reading this, we know this is     .

A.a studying plan of Edward Scott
B.A teaching plan of Ivy
C.a school report of Edward Scott
D.a working plan of M. L. Martin
小题2:Which of the following is Not mentioned(提到) in the form?
小题3: Edward’s best subject is       .
小题4:Edward is not good at       .
A.Science and geography
B.Math and history
C.French and history
D.music and English
小题5:According to the form, which of the following sentences is true?
A.Edward can’t sing songs very well.
B.Edward doesn’t do well in science.
C.Edward can do better if he works harder next.
D.Edward learns two foreign languages in school.


Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage: Today air travel is very common, but the first flights were very different from today. When air travel began in the 1920s, it was very expensive, and most people continued to travel by train or ship. Only the rich and adventurous could afford to fly, and they expected the same kind of luxury they could get on a ship. The first planes had chairs with cushions, and table sets with tablecloths, china, and fresh flowers. The passengers ate wonderful meals, served by men wearing white jackets and gloves. Unfortunately, the trip wasn’t always smooth. The first planes shook and many passengers became sick. Passengers were able to open the windows to get fresh air, but when they landed, mud came in the window. The planes were freezing, so people had to wear warm coats, scarves and gloves. The planes were also extremely noisy, so people couldn’t talk to each other. To communicate, they had to yell or write notes. Back then only men worked as flight attendants. Their job was to carry passengers’ luggage, serve the meals, and keep people safe and warm. They even put cotton in passengers’ ears to block the noise, and gave them brown paper bags when they felt sick. In the 1930s, women began to work on airplanes. The first female flight attendants were all registered nurses. They wore green suits on the ground, but in the air they wore white nurses’ uniforms with caps. During the flight they held the hands of scared passengers, and helped passengers who became sick. After the flight, they had to dust the plane inside and out, and help the pilot put in fuel. Gradually, more women were hired. Only young and attractive women were accepted, and the airlines told them to smile at the passengers all the time. They were not allowed to marry or to have children. Today both men and women work as flight attendants. They wear the same kinds of uniforms, and do the same kind of work. Question: Which is the most probable reason why very few people traveled by air in the 1920s?

A、Because it was too expensive.

B、Because it was too uncomfortable.

C、Because it was too dangerous.

D、Because it was too noisy.

priority passage
The next two questions are related to Script Two: Difference Among Commercial Express ( ) is relatively cheaper, if you send goods over ( ).

A、UPS 20 kg

B、DHL 25 kg

C、DHL 20 kg

D、TNT 25 kg

阅读下面的材料,自选角度,自定文意,自拟标题,写一篇不少于800 字的议论文。


一个排球队里,李雯比陈晓矮,但是比朱诺高,江明比陈晓和朱诺矮,汪苹比江明高,但是比陈晓矮 如果以上陈述为真,根据下列哪项能够推出张敏比李雯矮?





追求时尚的人都买了iphone5,伊茜茜买了iPhone5,她一定是最求时尚的人。 下面哪项如果为真,最能支持以上观点?








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