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His description of the ghost was so______that his little daughter screamed when he came to

the part of killing.





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阅读理解。??????He came again the next day and work...

      He came again the next day and worked until it was time to leave. His name was Jerry. He was 12 and

had been at the Children's Home (孤儿院) since he was only four. I thought of him. He was honest (诚实).

For example, the handle (柄) of the ax (斧) broke one day. Jerry said the Children's Home would mend it. I

handed him some money to pay for it. He wouldn't take the money. "I'll pay for it, mama. I broke it. I didn't

hit the wood in the right place."

     "But Jerry,no one hits the wood in the right place all the time. And it was a weak handle. I'll speak to the

seller." It was only then that he would take the money.

      Another thing about Jerry was that he would do those little but helpful things. The things would not be

badly needed but would make life so much easier. For example, he found a hole near the fireplace. "I'll put

some wood in the hole, mama. Then when a sudden storm (暴风雨) comes up, you can stay warm."

      One cold day, Jerry sat close by me near the fire. We watched the fire bum. He suddenly talked of

something he had never talked of before. "You look like my mother, especially (特别) next to the fire."

      But you were four, Jerry, 'when you came to live at the Children's Home. Do you still remember your


1. How long had Jerry lived at the Children's Home by the time he met the writer?

[    ]

A. One year.

B. Four years.

C. Eight years.

D. Twelve years.

2. How did Jerry feel after he broke the handle of the ax?

[    ]

A. Sorry.

B. Happy.

C. Angry.

D. Lucky.

3. What did the writer think of Jerry? He was          .

[    ]

A. clever, honest but lazy

B. honest, helpful and worked hard

C. honest, warm-hearted and strange

D. careful, honest and weak

4. The sentence underlined (划线的) means that            .

[    ]

A. you should be more careful next time

B. anyone can hit the wood in the right place

C. I always hit the wood in the right place

D. people hit the wood sometimes in the wrong place

5. Which is right?

[    ]

A. Jerry lived with his parents at times.

B. The writer was really Jerry's mother.

C. Jerry liked the writer and the writer liked him, too.

D. Jerry did not like to live with his mother.


A lady wanted a birthday gift from her husband. For many months she had liked a beautiful      , and knowing her husband could      it, she told him that was all she wanted. On the morning of the       , her husband told her how      he was to have such a good wife, and how much he loved her. He      her a beautiful gift package (纸盒). She opened it and      a Bible.     , she raised her voice and said to her husband, “With all your money, you give me a Bible?” She was so      that she left him.

Many years passed and the lady was very      in business. She owned two large companies. She    her husband was very old, and thought perhaps she should go to     him. But before she could, she     a letter telling her that he had died, and gave all of his possessions (财产) to her. She needed to come back and      things.

When she arrived at his house, sadness      her heart. She saw the still new      , just as she had left it years before. With      , she opened it and began to turn the pages. A ring      from the Bible to the floor and a      could be seen. She picked it up and found it was the ring she wanted in those days. And on the card was the date of her birth, and the words “LOVE U ALWAYS”.

      your gift is not packaged the way you want it, it’s because it is better packaged the way it is! Always appreciate little things; they usually lead you to bigger things! The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched for they must be felt with the     .

A.take care ofB.pay forC.look forD.give away

阅读理解。????Three surfers rushed to save a man's ...

    Three surfers rushed to save a man's life after he was left drifting on a notorious stretch of water. 

    The men stayed with Greg Popple for 30 minutes and had to be rescued themselves by helicopter as the

drama unfolded.

    The 45-year-old had floated out on a body board near Hutchwns Point at 8:30 am.He found himself in

trouble about half-a-mile from the shore and dangerously close to rocks. Surfers Graig Evans, 31, Robert Miles,

19, and Owain Daviees, 23, were risking their own safety to keep him floating for 30 minutes. Luckily a passer-

by noticed what was going on and raised the alarm. Porthcawl Coastguard, Porthcaw Lifeboat and an RAF

helicopter all took part in the rescue.

    "The man who got into trouble was a body boarder-there was a big tide where he was," said Joe Missen.

"Three other surfers spotted he was in difficulty and he was going down. They kept him afloat because he was

in a state of shock and out of energy. If Mr. Popple was closer to the rocks, it could have been a lot worse, but

they managed to keep him from harm". 

    Mr. Missen's mum Alison, also part of the rescue team, said, "That part of the water is notorious for taking

people out to nowhere".

    The three men had clocked off a night shift at Ford Motor Company shortly before the incident.

    "I headed straight down to the beach for a surf, when I saw him flailing (挥动). We just swam straight out

to him and kept him calm while the help came". 

    The four men were taken to the life boat house to recover, without injuries.

1. What would be the best title for the text?

[    ]

A. Three Men to Be Praised

B. Notorious Place for Surfers

C. Surfers Rescue Man Caught in Tide

D. Greg Popple-a Lucky Dog

2. The helicopter came up at the request of _____.

[    ]

A. Greg Popple

B. Craig Evans

C. Robert Miles

D. a passer-by

3. About the incident, we know that _____.

[    ]

A. Mr. Popple moved with difficulty for loss of energy

B. The three men were badly injured

C. Mr. Popple'mum was also in the rescue team

D. Mr. Davies was going to work that morning

4. According to the text, what was the most important thing to do for the three men?

[    ]

A. Keeping him farther away from the rocks.

B. Keeping Mr Popple swimming in the sea.

C. Asking him to have a good rest.

D. Keeping him floating everywhere.

5. What may the style of this passage be?

[    ]

A. A story.

B. A news report.

C. A poster.

D. An advertisement.

— She always keeps silent.— ______ she was young, ...

— She always keeps silent.

— ______ she was young, she talked and laughed a lot.

[    ]

A. Although

B. When

C. As

D. Because


I don’t want ________ of the two magazines. Please show me ____.

A. any, the other                   B. either, another

C. both, another                    D neither, the other

阅读理解.????Mark Twain left school when he was tw...

    Mark Twain left school when he was twelve. He had little school education. In spite of this,

he became the most famous writer of his time. He made millions of dollars by writing. His real

name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, but he is better known all over the world as Mark Twain,

his penname.

    Mark Twain was born in 1835 and he was not a healthy baby. In fact, he was not expected

to live through the first winter. But with his mother's care, he managed to survive. As a boy, he

caused much trouble for his parents. He used to play jokes on all his friends and neighbors.

He didn't like to go to school, and he often ran away from home. He always went in the

direction of the nearby Mississippi(密西西比河). He was nearly drowned nine times.

    After his father's death, Mark Twain began to work for a printer, who only provided him

with food and clothing. Then, he worked as a printer, a river-boat pilot and later joined the

army. But shortly after that he became a miner. During this period, he started to write short

stories. Afterwards he became a full time writer.

    In 1870, Mark Twain got married. In the years that followed he wrote many books including

Tom Sawyer in 1876, and Huckleberry Finn in 1884, which made him famous, and brought him

great fortune.

    Unfortunately, Mark Twain got into debts in bad investments(投资) and he had to write

large numbers of stories to pay these debts. In 1904, his wife died, and then three of his

children passed away.

    At the age of 70, his hair was completely white. He bought many white suits and neckties.

He wore nothing but white from head to foot until his death on April 21, 1910.

1.In his childhood, Mark Twain, ________.
A.learned a lot at school

B.he often went swimming with other boys

C.his mother often worried about his safety

D.he often played games with other boys

2.Which of the following shows the right order about Mark Twain?

a. He became a miner.b. He worked as a printer.

c. He got into debts.d. His father died.

e. He became a full-time writer.F. He joined the army.

A. a-d-b-c-e-f

B. d-b-f-a-e-c

C. d-a-f-e-b-c

D. c-b-d-f-e-a

3.In order to make a living, Mark Twain _______.
A.first worked as a printer

B.did many kinds of work

C.wrote stories in the beginning

D.joined the army after he worked in a mine

4.From the passage we can see that Mark Twain _______.
A.had a happy childhood

B.was a good boy and always did what he was asked

C.was very naughty when he was young

D.lived a pleasant life

5.Before his death, Mark Twain _______.
A. became a white man

B. was in low spirits

C. liked to buy all kinds of clothes

D. had nothing on

Medieval romances were ______.

A、stories about poor peasants’ lives

B、stories about supernatural characters

C、stories about knights and ladies and the chivalric adventures

D、stories about tragic love

阅读理解。????Little Mike's grandma died weeks ago....

    Little Mike's grandma died weeks ago. He missed her very much. One afternoon Mike went to the city

park. Where his grandma used to go. There he saw an old lady. She looked very kind. She was sitting there,

watching pigeons (鸽子). Little Mike went up and sat next to her. He took out his food and drinks and gave

some to her. She smiled at him. Her smile was so sweet that Mike wanted to see it again. She seemed to

understand him, so once again she smiled. Mike was very glad.

    They sat there all the afternoon, eating and talking. As it grew dark, Mike got up to leave. Before he left,

he hugged (拥抱) the old lady and she gave him her sweetest smile.

    When Mike got home, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face. "I met a granny in the

park. Her smile was like the kind of smile I had seen on Grandma's face."

    The old lady also returned to her home happily. She told her son that she had food and drinks with a little

boy. "He was as lovely as Brittany." she said. Her son was surprised, because he had never seen her so happy

since Brittany, her grandson, died weeks ago.

1. Little Mike went to the park and _______.
A. played with pigeous

B. fed pigeons

C. met an old lady

D. saw a friend of his grandma's

2. The old lady's smile showed that _______.
A. she had hoped to meet the boy

B. she wanted to get some drinks

C. she missed her grandson

D. she liked the little boy

3. Mike felt very glad because _______.
A. he gave the granny food and drinks

B. the old lady was as kind as his grandma

C. he had seen his grandma

D. she liked the little boy

4. Mike and the old lady _______.
A. were good to each other

B. knew each other well

C. often met in the park

D. did nothing that afternoon

5. What can we learn from the story?
A. When one feels unhappy, he must go to a park.

B. Old people are always kind and happy.

C. Children and old people should get on well with each other.

D. When people are kind to each other, they will feel happy.

Unless you have a good map, this place is very difficult to______.





In Scotland, as in the rest of the United Kingdom, ______schooling begins at age 5 and ends at age 1








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