Speaker A: Do you have the notes from last weeks c...

Speaker A: Do you have the notes from last weeks class? I was sick last time. Speaker B: ______. Here you go.

A.Oh, yes.

B.Why not?

C.What"s wrong with you?

D.I didn"t know.


  • Woman: Mr. Scott came back from L.A.very late yesterday. Man: So, even if he had been able to attend the party, he would have arrived late. Question: What do we learn about Mr. Scott?

    A.Mr. Scott was late for the party.

    B.Mr. Scott didn't attend the party at all.

    C.Mr. Scott attended the party.

    D.Mr. Scott did not like attending parties.

  • Speaker A: Im worried about those classes I missed when I was sick. Speaker B:______

    A.I am glad that you have got well.

    B.Don"t worry. Everything will be all right.

    C.I"ll try to bring you up to date on what we"ve done.

    D.Maybe you should explain to our teacher why you were absent from class last week.

  • Florence Sephton is 77 and lives in Deganwy, North Wales. She is reading for an arts de-gree, "Im more of a creature to polish my mind than polish my furniture. The house takes second place while I put the studying first. " "I was very happy at school and had wonderful teaching. I passed the university entrance examination and was ready to go to university but with World War I went into banking. I was paid 1 pound a week. Manchester University kept my place open for three years but I was enjoying the money and the freedom so I turned it down. " Mrs. Sephton is now in the second year of her Open University course and is finding it hard work. She underestimates her ability. "Im feeling tired more frequently. I cant do more than an hours work at a time. The memorys shocking. Im supposed to be revising and I look up notes I did earlier this year and think, Have you read this before? So Im doing it very slowly—one credit a year, so itll take six years. " "At the moment the greatest reward is simply the increase in knowledge—and the discipline. I had an essay failed this week. The professor said I hadnt answered the question. Ive been thinking about it all week. I know I havent got the facility for essay construction. I just let myself go and get excited. I feel more emotionally than I do mentally. Im very ordinary really. " Claiming to be ordinary and lazy, Mrs. Sephton is still working hard daily at her assignments. Mrs. Sephton sees her studies as keeping her fit and independent. "Because of my life Ive been self-sufficient. Its not a very nice characteristic. It means I dont care enough about people. I cant say I find comfort in what Ill be learning, so Ill be interested to see if theres a life ahead. "

    When Florence said "Im more of a creature to polish my mind than polish my furniture" (Line 2, Para. 1) , she meant that______.

    A.she was tired of learning

    B.she was thirsty for knowledge

    C.she was more suitable for doing housework

    D.she didn"t have enough time to keep the house clean