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Passage oneLong bus rides are like television shows .They have a beginning ,a Middle and a

Passage one

Long bus rides are like television shows .They have a beginning ,a Middle and an end –with commercials thrown in every three or four minutes .The commercials are unavoidable .They happen whether you want them or not .Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window . “buy super clean toothpaste”. “Drink Good’n Wet Root Beer .””Fill up with Pacific Gas .”Only if you sleep ,which site equal to turning the television set off ,are you spared the 问unending cry of “You Need It ! Buy It Now !”

The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting ,Even if you’ve traveled that way before .usually some things have changed-new houses ,new buildings ,sometimes even a new road .The bus driver has a style. of driving and it’s fun to try to figure it out the first hour or so . If the driver is particularly reckless or daring ,the ride can be an thrilling as a suspense story .Will the driver pass the truck in time ?Will the driver move into the right or the left –hand lane ?After a while,of course,the excitement dies down .sleeping for a while helps pass the middle hours of the ride .Food always makes bus rides more interesting .But you’ve got to be careful of what kind of foodyou eat .Too much salty food can make you very thirsty between stops.

The end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning .You know it will soon be over and there’s a kind of expectation and excitement in that .The seat ,of course ,has become harder as the hours have passed.By now you’ve sat with you legs crossed ,with your hands crossed behind your head .the end comes just at the right time . There are just no more ways to sit.

According to the passage ,what do the passengers usually see when they are on a longBus trip?

A.Buses on the road

B.Films on television

C.Advertisements on the board

D.gas stations

What is the purpose of this passage ?()A.To give the write’s opinion about long bus trips

B.To persuade you to take a long bus trip

C.To explain how bus trips and television shows differ

D.To describe the billboards along the road

The write of this passage would probably favor ()A.bus drivers who weren’t reckless

B.driving alone

C.a television set on the bus

D.no billboards along the road

The writer feels long bus rides are like TV shows because ()A.the commercials both on TV shows and on billboards along the road are fun

B.they both have a beginning ,a middle ,and an end , with commercials in between

C.the drives are always reckless on TV shows just as they are on buses

D.both travelling and watching TV are not exciting

The writer thinks that the end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning because both are ()






简答题官方参考答案 (由简答题聘请的专业题库老师提供的解答)
问题 1 答案解析:C
问题 2 答案解析:A
问题 3 答案解析:D
问题 4 答案解析:B
问题 5 答案解析:A
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One of the causes for the difference between the company’s book and the bank book is ________

Every morning, we are asked _____ taken our temperatures.

[    ]

A. if we have

B. if have we

C. if we had

D. if had we

A great number of students???????????????said they...

A great number of students               said they were forced to practice the piano.
A.to questionB.to be questionedC.questionedD.Questioning

Questions 61-65 are based on the following passage.

I don't ever want to talk about being a woman scientist again. There was a time in my life when people askedconstantly for stories about what it's like to work in a field dominated by men. I was never very good at telling thosestories because truthfully I never found them interesting. What I do fred interesting is the origin of the universe, theshape' of space-time and the nature of black holes.

At 19, when I began studying astrophysics, it did not bother me in the least to be the only woman in theclassroom. But while earning my Ph.D. at MIT and then as a post-doctor doing space research, the issue started tobother me. My every achievement--jobs, research papers, awards--was viewed through the lens of gender (性别) politics. So were my failures. Sometimes, when I was pushed into an argument on left brain.versus (相对于)fight brain, or nature versus nurture (培育), I would instantly fight fiercely on my behalf and all womankind.

Then one day a few years ago, out of my mouth came a sentence that would eventually become my reply toany and all provocations: I don't falk about that anymore. It took me 10 years to get back the confidence I had at 19and to realize that I didn't want to deal with gender issues. Why should curing sexism be yet another terrible burdenon every female scientist? After all, I don't study sociology or political theory.

Today I research and teach at Barnard, a women's college in New York City. Recently, someone asked mehow many of the 45 students in my class were women. You cannot imagine my satisfaction at being able to answer:45. I know some 9fmY students worry how they will manage their scientific research and a desire for children. AndI don't dismiss those concerns. Still, I don't tell them "war" stories. Instead, I have given them this: the visual oftheir physics professor heavily pregnant doing physics experiments. And in turn they have given me the image of45 women driven by a love of science. And that's a sight worth talking about.

61、Why doesn't the author want to talk about being a woman scientist again?

A.She feels unhappy working in male-dominated fields.

B.She is fed up with the issue of gender discrimination.

C.She is not good at telling stories of the kind.

D.She finds space research more important.

62、From Paragraph 2, we can infer that people would attribute the author's failures to ____

A.the very fact that she is a woman

B.her over-confidence as a female astrophysicist

C.her involvement in gender politics

D.the burden she bears in a male-dominated society

63、What did the author constantly fight against while doing her Ph.D. and post-doctoral research?

A.Lack of confidence in succeeding in space science.

B.Unfair accusations from both inside and outside her circle.

C.People's stereotyped attitude towards female scientists.

D.Widespread misconceptions about nature and nurture.

64、Why does the author feel great satisfaction when talking about her class?

A.Female students no longer have to bother about gender issues.

B.Her students' performance has brought back her confidence.

C.Her female students can do just as well as male students.

D.More female students are pursuing science than before.

65、What does the image the author presents to her students suggest?

A.Women students needn't have the concerns of her generation.

B.Women have more barriers on their way to academic success.

C.Women can balance a career in science and having a family.

D.Women now have fewer problems pursuing a science career.

听下面一段材料,回答第1-3题。1. What's one of the bi...

1. What's one of the biggest problems today?

[    ]

A. Pollution.

B. Population.

C. Poverty.

2. What's the most serious kind of pollution?

[    ]

A. Water pollution.

B. Air pollution.

C. Noise pollution.

3. Why do people become angry more easily today?

[    ]

A. Because of noise pollution.

B. Because of water pollution.

C. Because of air pollution.

Words of sensation associated with one sense are sometimes used to describe another sense. This kind of transfer is known as_____.

A、figurative transfer





回答下列各题: A ACCOUNTING&FINANCE FOR MANAGERS The course provides experienced managers with the financial skills and commercial awareness necessary to be effective in business today.It is intended for managers who need t0: ·Use accounting information to aid decision-making and future development ·Assess the financial implications of day-to-day business activities ·Communicate effectively with accountants and bankers ·Most students use this course to prepare for the diploma in Accounting and Finance B EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS FOR MANAGEMENT This is an introductory course for those with little or no experience or formal training in management skills.It includes seminars on: ·How to make speeches and present company information clearly ·Managing and chairing meetings ·Time management ·Delegating tasks C B00KKEEPING&ACCOUNTS This one.term course is an introduction to the basics and requires no previous experience.The course demonstrates that good bookkeeping is covered including sales and ledger books,petty cash and final accounts· D MANAGING PEOPLE This is a course about how successful organizations manage their resources. Participants will be asked to contribute from their own experience of human resource management in different kinds of organizations.The following topics will be discussed in depth: ·Communication within organizations ·Training staff to work CO-operatively in group ·Recruitment and selection of staff ·Ongoing staff training and development ·Career paths,promotion and job satisfaction The course is intended for people who lack accounting skills.

请阅读第四讲 “Concerns for Excellence" 并填写下列题目 In part one, the main question discussed in this part is__________________________
Section A

Questions 47 to 51 are based on the following passage.

One of the major producers of athletic footwear, with 2002 sales of over $10 billion, is a company called Nike, with corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Forbes magazine identified Nike’s president, Philip Knight, as the 53rd-richest man in the world in 2004. But Nike has not always been a large multimillion-dollar organization. In fact, Knight started the company by selling shoes from the back of his car at track meets.

In the late 1950s Philip Knight was a middle-distance runner on the University of Oregon track team, coached by Bill Bowerman. One of the top track coaches in the U.S., Bowerman was also known for experimenting with the design of running shoes in an attempt to make them lighter and more shock-absorbent. After attending Oregon, Knight moved on to do graduate work at Stanford University; his MBA thesis was on marketing athletic shoes. Once he received his degree, Knight traveled to Japan to contact the Onitsuka Tiger Company, a manufacturer of athletic shoes. Knight convinced the company’s officials of the potential for its product in the U.S. In 1963 he received his first shipment of Tiger shoes, 200 pairs in total.

In 1964, Knight and Bowerman contributed $500 each to from Blue Ribbon Sports, the predecessor of Nike. In the first few years, Knight distributed shoes out of his car at local track meets. The first employees hired by Knight were former college athletes. The company did not have the money to hire “experts”, and there was no established athletic footwear industry in North America from which to recruit those knowledgeable in the field. In its early years the organization operated in an unconventional manner that characterized its innovative and entrepreneurial approach to the industry. Communication was informal; people discussed ideas and issues in the hallways, on a run, or over a beer. There was little task differentiation. There were no job descriptions, rigid reporting systems, or detailed rules and regulations. The team spirit and shared values of the athletes on Bowerman’s teams carried over and provided the basis for the collegial style. of management that characterized the early years of Nikes.

47. While serving as a track coach, Bowerman tried to design running shoes that were____________

Travelling was not as easy as it is today. It wasn't so easy ____in those days.

A、for travelling

B、in travelling

C、in order to travel

D、to travel




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