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It is hoped that the third part should be a truly impartial observer of events.A.impassive

It is hoped that the third part should be a truly impartial observer of events.





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【其它】The establishment of the Third Reich influenced events in American history by starting a chain of events which culminated in war between Germany and the United States. The compete destruction of democracy, the persecution of Jews, the war on religion, the cruelty and barbarism of the Nazis, and especially the plans of Germany and her allies, Italy and Japan, for world conquest caused great indignation in this country and brought on fear of another world war. While speaking out against Hitler's atrocities, the American people generally favored isolationist policies and neutrality. The Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936 prohibited trade with any belligerents or loans to them. In 1937 the President was empowered to declare an arms embargo in wars between nations at his discretion.   American opinion began to change somewhat after President Roosevelt's "quarantine the aggressor" speech at Chicago (1937) in which he severely criticized Hitler's policies. Germany’s seizure of Austria and the Munich Pact for the partition of Czechoslovakia (1938) also aroused the American people. The conquest of Czechoslovakia in March, 1939 was another rude awakening to the menace of the Third Reich. In August,1939 came the shock of the Nazi-soviet Pact and in September the attack on Poland and the outbreak of European war. The United States attempted to maintain neutrality in spite of sympathy for the democracies arrayed against the Third Reich. The Neutrality Act of 1939 repealed the arms embargo and permitted"cash and carry"exports of arms to belligerent nations. A strong national defense program was begun. A draft act was passed (1940) to strengthen the military services. A Lend Act (1941) authorized the President to sell, exchange, or lend materials to any country deemed necessary by him for the defense of the United States. Help was given to Britain by exchanging certain overage destroyers for the right to establish American bases in British territory in the Western Hemisphere. In August, 1940 President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill met and issued the Atlantic Charter which proclaimed the kind of a world which should be established after the war. In December, 1941, Japan launched the unprovoked attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor. Immediately thereafter, Germany declared war on the United States.   1. One item occurring before 1937 that the author does not mention in his list of actions that alienated the American public was   [A] the burning of the Reichstag.   [B] German plans for conquest.   [C] Nazi barbarism.   [D] the persecution of religious groups.   2. The Lend-Lease Act was designed to   [A] help the British.   [B] strengthen the national defense of the United States.   [C] promote the Atlantic Charter.   [D] avenge Pearl Harbor.   3. American Policy during the years 1935-1936 may be described as being   [A] watchful.   [B] isolationist.   [C] peaceful.   [D] indifferent.   4. The Neutrality Act of 1939   [A] permitted the selling of arms to belligerent nations.   [B] antagonized Japan.   [C] permitted the British to trade only with the Allies.   [D] led to Lend-Lease Act.   5. We entered the war against Germany   [A] because Germany declared war.   [B] because Japan was an ally of Germany.   [C] after Germany had signed the Nazi-soviet Pact.   [D] after peaceful efforts had failed. 每题20分

阅读理解。????A few years ago, Paul Gerner began to...

    A few years ago, Paul Gerner began to gather a group of architects in Las Vegas to ask them what it

would take to design a public school that used 50 percent less energy, cost much less to build and obviously

improved student learning. "I think half of then fell off their chairs," Gerner says.

    Gerner manages school facilities (设施) for Clark county, Nevada, a district roughly the size of

Massachusetts. By 2018, 143, 000 additional students will enter the already crowded public-education system.

Gerner needs 73 new schools to house them. Four architecture teams have nearly finished designing primary

school prototypes (样品); They plan to construct their schools starting in 2009. The district will then assess

how well the schools perform, and three winners will copy those designs in 50 to 70 new buildings.

    Green schools are appearing all over, but in Clark County, which stands out for its vastness, such

aggressive targets are difficult because design requirements like more natural light for students go against the

realities of a desert climate. "One of the biggest challenges is getting the right site orientation (朝向)," Mark

McGinty, a director at SH Architecture, says. His firm recently completed a high school in Las Vegas. "You

have the same building, same set of windows, but if its orientation is incorrect and it faces the sun, it will be

really expensive to cool."

    Surprisingly, the man responsible for one of re most progressive green-design competitions has doubts

about ideas of eco-friendly buildings. "I don't believe in the new green religion," Gerner says. "Some of the

building technologies that you get are impractical. I'm interested in those that work." But he wouldn't mind

if some green features inspire students. He says he hopes to set up green energy systems that allow them to

learn about the process of harvesting wind and solar power." "You never know what's going to start the

interest of a child to study math and science," he says.

1. How did the architects react to Garner's design requirements?
A. They lost balance in excitement.

B. they showed strong disbelief.

C. they expressed little interest.

D. they burst into cheers.

2. Which order of steps is followed in carrying out the project?
A. Assessment-Prototype-Design-Construction.

B. Assessment-Design-Prototype-Construction.

C. Design-Assessment-Prototype-Construction.

D. Design-Prototype-Assessment-Construction.

3. What makes it difficult to build green schools in Clark County?
A. The large size.

B. Limited facilities.

C. The desert climate.

D. Poor natural resources.

4. What does Gerner think of the ideas of green schools?
A. They are questionable.

B. They are out of date.

C. They are advanced.

D. They are practical.

The establishment of the Institute of Applied Linguistics in 1984 and the publication of “Applied Linguistics” in 1992 marks the beginning of applied linguistics as an independent discipline in China.
【单选题】____ men have learned much from the behavior of animals is hardly new.





The study of sounds used in linguistic communication led to the establishment of ( ). It is concerned with all the sounds that occur in the worlds language.


??New Zealand&39;s main exports come from the nation&39;s farms--wool,meat,butter,cheese,and skins. Many people process farm products in dairies(牛奶房),meat-refrigerating plants,breweries(啤酒厂)and flour mills.Sawmilling is an important industry where logging is carried on in the forests to make pulp for newsprint and other mills make various kinds of paper. ??

??Most of New Zealand&39;s heavy machinery must be imported,but assembly(装配)plants make automobiles and trucks from imported parts.Woolen goods,carpets,clothing,shoes,furniture and electrical appliances are also manufactured.Imported petroleum(石油)is refined(精炼)at an oil refinery at Whangarei.An aluminum smelter at Blutt,near Invercargill,use hydro—electricity to refine one that is imported from Australia. ??

??New Zealand&39;s coal is used to generate steam,make gases,provide fuel for homes and factories and produce electricity.Sand and gravel(砂砾)used for road building and concrete(混凝土)construction,ranks second to coal.Limestone is used to make fertilizer and cement.??

??In the first paragraph,“sawmilling”refers to________. ??

A.wood—processing industry

B.shoe—making industry

C.news—print industry

D.mineral refining industry

When New Zealanders make automobiles,they usually________.A.produce the components themselves

B.export the final products

C.import the components

D.1eave the work to foreigners

Blurt is near________.A.Whangarei




Which of the following is NOT the mentioned minerals in the last paragraph?




D.Sand and gravel.


“In only six days I lost seven pounds of weight.” “Two full inches in the first three days!” These are the kinds of statements used in magazine,newspaper,radio and television ads., promising new shapes and new looks to those who buy the medicine or the device.The promoters of products say they can shape the legs, slim the face,smooth wrinkles, or in some other ways to add to beauty or desirability. Often such products are nothing more than money-making things for their promoters.The results they produce are questionable, and some are dangerous to health. To understand how these products can be legally promoted to the public, it is necessary to understand something of the laws covering their regulation、If the product is a drug, FDA (Food and Drug Administration)can require proof (证明)under the Food,Drug,and Cosmetic Act that is safe and effective before it is put on the market.But if the product is a device,FDA has no authority to require premarketing proof of safety or effectiveness.If a product already on the market is a danger to health, FDA can request the producer or distributor to remove it from the market voluntarily, or it can take legal action,including seizure(查封)of the product. One notable case a few years ago involved an electrical device called the Relaxacisor, which had been sold for reducing the waistline.The Relaxacisor produced electrical shocks to the body through contact pads.FDA took legal action against the distributor to stop the sale of the device on the grounds that it was dangerous to health and life. Obviously, most of the devices on the market have never been the subject of court proceedings (法律诉讼),and new devices appear continually.Before buying, it is up to the consumer to judge the safety or effectiveness of such items. It can be inferred that ads、mentioned in the text are______.A.objective




Which of the following is true according to the text?A.The court is in charge of removing dangerous product.

B.New products are more likely to be questionable.

C.The production of a device must be approved by FDA.

D.The promoters usually just care about profits.

FDA can ask for the proof of safety and effectiveness of a product_______.A.if it is a drug

B.if it is a device

C.if its consumers make complaints

D.if its distributors challenge FDA?s authority

The Relaxacisor is mentioned as__________.A.a product which was designed to produce electricity

B.a product whose distributor was involved in a legal case

C.a successful advertisement of a beauty product

D.an example of a quality beauty product

The author intends to__________.A.make consumers aware of the promoters’false promises

B.show the weakness of the law on product safety

C.give advice on how to keep young and beautiful

D.introduce the organization of FDA









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