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&8226;Read the article below about the life cycle of a condensed employee. &8226;Choose th

&8226;Read the article below about the life cycle of a condensed employee.

&8226;Choose the best sentence from the list (A-G) to fill each of the gaps.

&8226;For each gap (8-12), mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

&8226;Do not use any letter more than once.


An employee life cycle is the steps the employees go through from the time they enter a company until they leave. Often Human Resources professionals focus their attention on the steps in this process in hopes of making an impact on the company's bottom line. That is a good thing for them to do. Their goal is to reduce the company's cost per employee hired.

Employees are one of a company's largest expenses these days. Unlike other major capital costs (buildings, machinery, technology, etc.) human capital is highly volatile. You, as a manager, are in a key position to reduce that volatility using the condensed employee life cycle of HIAR (pronounced hire) —Hire, Inspire, Admire, and Retire.

Hire: This first step is probably the most important. It is important to hire the best people you can find. (8) The cost of replacing a bad hire far exceeds the marginal additional cost of hiring the best person in the first place.

Inspire. Once you have recruited the best employees to come to work on your team, the hard part begins. You have to inspire them to perform. to their capabilities. (9) That is where you will get their best effort and their creativity which will help your organization excel.

Admire. Once you have hired the best employees and have challenged and motivated them, you cannot relax. (10) The same attention you should pay to their work assignments, to their satisfaction levels, to their sense of being part of a great team needs to continue for as long as they are in your group. As soon as you start to slack off, their satisfaction and motivation will decrease. If you don't do something, they will become disenchanted and will leave. They will become part of the "employee turnover" statistic you were trying to avoid.

Retire: This is when you know have been successful. When employees see your company as the employer of choice, they will join you. (11) As long as you continue to inspire, motivate, and challenge them, they will continue to contribute at the high levels you need in order to beat your competition. They will be long-term employees even staying with you and your company until they retire. (12) You will attract and retain second and even third generation employees.

A.This is not a time to be cheap.

B.When they recognize you as a good boss and a real leader, they will stay around.

C.To the extent that you can be a good boss, you can keep employees, keep them happy, and reduce the costs associated with employee turnover.

D.Their goal is to reduce the company's cost per employee hired.

E.The biggest mistake a manager can make is to ignore employees.

F.You have to challenge and motivate them.

G.They will refer other quality employees to your company, including their relatives.


简答题官方参考答案 (由简答题聘请的专业题库老师提供的解答)
A 解析:根据文章第二段,此处谈的是员工的雇佣。联系上下文意思,“辞退一个下称职的员工要比聘请一个称职的员工花费更多。”因此公司不能只顾省钱。故选A。
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In many cultures there is a difference when it comes to how much physical contact is appropriate between men and women.
The driving force for steady-state diffusion is the __________.

A、(a) concentration gradient

B、(b) electric field

C、(c) temperature

D、(d) atomic oscillations

阅读理解。???Scientists think that most animals can...

   Scientists think that most animals can't see colors. The world is black and white to them.

   To find out if dogs could see colors, scientists gave dogs food every time they played a certain piece of

music. The dog got ready to eat only when they heard this piece of music. They did not get ready to eat

when they heard other piece of music.

   Then the scientists gave the dogs food every time they showed them a certain color. The dogs got ready

to eat when they saw this color. The scientists then showed the dogs another color. Again the dogs got ready

to eat. The colors were all the same to them.

   Colors are not all the same to the monkeys, however. For example, if we put food in a red box and do this

every day, a monkey will always go to the red box to get the food. If we then put food in a blue box, the

monkey won't go to it.

1. All colors are the same to           .

[    ]

A. all animals

B. scientists

C. monkeys

D. dogs

2. Monkeys know that red and blue are          .

[    ]

A. not the same

B. the same

C. colors

D. food

3. The scientists give the dogs food every time they           .

[    ]

A. saw the color red

B. went to a box of food

C. saw the color blue

D. played certain music

4. Dogs are different from monkeys because          .

[    ]

A. dogs can't see any colors and monkeys can

B. dogs can't see more colors than monkeys

C. monkeys can't see any colors and dogs can

D. monkeys can't see red and blue

5. Some            wanted to find out if dogs could see colors.

[    ]

A. animals

B. doctors

C. scientists

D. monkeys

阅读理解.????In the US and Britain, the slogan aro...

    In the US and Britain, the slogan around colleges was "Save water. Shower with a

friend." Now, Wuhan University has come up with another system for the campus

bathhouse. It charges students for the amount of time in a shower. Before entering

the bathhouse, students pay for the amount of time they want in the shower with

cash or their student ID card. The clock starts ticking the minute the tape is turned

on. It pauses when a button is pressed for soap. An integrated circuit (IC) card

reader at each tap shows the time. No money, no water. The benefits of the new

system can be seen with the old system, which charged 1 Yuan for each person

regardless of time in the shower. The university used about 320 tones of water daily

under the old system, but only 160 tons now.

    Many students use the new system but opinions on it are divided. Some students

say it is bad because bathing had become a sort of race. Many people using it for

the first time are not sure how long they need to shower. Some might be embarrassed

if their time is up and they' re still covered in soap. They have to ask the bathhouse

worker to help them buy extra time.

    "It's aflawin the system that you can not buy extra time on the ID card," said Ren,

a freshman in Wuhan University. The university is also considering some students'

suggestions that they be allowed to pay after they've finished the shower. Not

surprisingly, some are complaining about losing the hour shower. But many students

say the move helps them develop a water- saving sense.

    Without the time limits, most students tended to shower for 30 to an hour in the


    Some even used the hot water to wash their clothes. "In my experience, l0 -20

minutes is enough," said Dai Zhihua, a third -year student who usually takes 8 minutes.

    A similar system has been installed in other universities. Shanghai Normal University

introduced it at its Fengxiang Campus in September. The bathing fee there is 0.2 Yuan

per minute. One male student responded by setting a record with a two -minute shower.

1. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
A. Students pay for the amount of time they want in the shower.

B. The clock times all through while the student is bathing except when the bather paused for soap.

C If money runs out, there will be no water.

D. Having finished bathing, the student has to pay for it.

2. The underline word "flaw" (Paragraph 3) most probably means _____.
A. perfection

B. advantage

C. pity

D. fault

3. Since the new system has performed, _____ of water can be saved.

A. a quarter

B. one third

C. one half

D. two thirds

4. It can be inferred from the passage that _____.
A. the new operation can solve the water crisis.

B. The new operation can raise students' environmental awareness.

C. a similar operation has been set in other universities.

D. The university has saved a lot of water by using the new system.

5. In which column can you find this passage?______
A. People.

B. Society

C. Campus Life.

D. Lifestyle




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